Now it's over. I mean my Test 1 of Engineering Analysis. Overall its OK (i think). Thanks for the help my dear =) Now that i have loads of assignments and midterm tests coming.

I'm having Moral midterm in Week 9! On Week 10, I have Moral presentation sketch. *shake head*  It's a SKETCH not PRESENTATION! Hell crazy wehhhh! *looking up and down, left and right* Cant think of the script yet. Gotta give me a few days to think of the script. ARGH! I shall take this weekend to think of the long script. I need to act it out. Indeed i need to brush up my acting skills. 

Not forgetting Engineering Economy and Environmental assignments due on week 10. I will faint by now when thinking about it. I have lab on Week 10 too. How i wish that week 10 will not come to me so fast. There are loads of things for me to complete. How to spend some of my time to blog about events and outings? There are too many updates to post but too lazy busy. Damn! 

Apart from that, i have Chemical Process and Instrumentation and Chemical Reaction Engineering's midterm tests and assignments too. Aiyoyo! Lecturers oh lecturers, please give me a break! I almost suffocate to death. Sigh. Too many presentations during this semester. =( I need to brush up my presentation skills now. Zzz.

This semester's vows are rather taxing. Hopefully i don't make the same mistakes again and again. I need to stop now. Wanna do some notes for my favourite subjects. =) Chao.

Candid shot! 

So much yet so little time!
I need a time off to diminish some of things i had left behind for ages.
Can i just stop the time for a minute? Sigh.

❥ Looking forward tomorrow! =) ❤


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