Being a self-assertive person isn't easy for me lately. 
I'm no longer the person you can really depend on. 
I'm not the good listener to any of my friends anymore.
Things might change. 
And indeed they changed.

I can't expect things to be flawless.
I tried not to think so much.
And i made it! (Did i?) Trying to assure myself.

I'm trying to be a dumb person for meantime.
I do not want to add salt to my wounds for now.
So i gotta put everything aside.
Right now, all i need and have to do is to complete all my drafts for assignments by this week.

And you (you know who you are)
will always be there for me when i need you?
Hopefully you do.

i miss those times when we were together


Impossible- Shontelle


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