iLove iMiss Subang ❤

Nothing to update on events lately as i was busy for the past few weeks. 
No time to date with my dear friends at all.
So most of the time i spent my time studying at home and went over to sis's place for sleepover.

Definitely this will be the last time i will be staying in Subang as sis will be busy preparing for her trials which is coming soon and i am busy preparing for finals in hometown. I gonna miss Subang's food alot seriously. =(

Below are my favourite food when i spend my time in Subang ❤

Snowflake's best seller ❤

Tao Suan

Tomato Wantan Mee

My all-time favourite lunch in Subang-Uncle Seng's noodles =D

Green Tea Cake and Chantilly Pudding from RT Pastry

P/s: I gonna eat all these again before i leave KL for interns! =D