It is already week 13. And that marks the arrival of week 14 which i will be officially ending my year 3 semester 1. Swt! How time flies! I was just reminiscing about the beginning of the semester and right now it is going to end. This implies that finals are coming soon too! =(

I don't wish to end it so fast. I dont wish to start my disaster year which is year 4! Help!
This semester's subjects are super tough. The subject which i hate the most is Fluid Mechanics 2. How on earth this stupid subject can be a closed-book exam starting this semester? WTF man! I'm wondering whether i am able to survive and stand strong for this subject. *sigh*

However, i'm looking forward to next week and thanks to my lecturers for canceling the classes as i will be going back to hometown. Too bad my BE test falls on this Saturday, or else i can go back on this week. Anyway i will not forget my purpose of going back is to prepare for finals. =( I miss my two single beds, biggy room and of course my parents & aunt. Not forgetting my Lake Garden. I can't wait to step into Lake Garden and start my daily routine where i used to do so during my long holidays in hometown. I love to jog especially under the rain as it motivates me to jog faster than usual. =p

I know everyone can jog. But i cant swim and play musical instruments like others do. I wish to be someone who is good in everything including studies but too bad i'm not. ='( I'm lousy in everything. What a lame person i am! Haih. 

Nah! Forget about the last two sentences. Anyway, i wish all my friends all the best in fyp-s and to those who are doing internship in short semester, 'Enjoy working in the real society!'. Never let failures defeat you guys. I'm one of the example to be followed. =p

I miss this Corn loaf =(



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