I don't enjoy my life nowadays. Busy with assignments, tests and presentations. How I wish I can do things slowly and at my own slow pace without rushing. Time flies pretty fast! Too FAST! Two weeks more and I will be officially ending my year3 semester 1. At the same time, this means that finals are coming here to visit me! This semester's final examination schedule sucks to the maximum!;( Feels like crying day and night when I think about it.

Anyway I reminded myself to be more cheerful and happy in order not to feel stressful for finals.

Raya is coming and I can't wait to pay a visit to my friends' house.;) Miss my taiping friends soo much. But limitations are there too. My main purpose to go back is to study for finals. Definitely I can't wait to see my parents and aunt again even though they call me almost everyday.

That's all for my rant. Thanks for reading. Gotta continue with my occupational revision and presentation practices :)

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