❤ Marina Bay Sands ❤

Sorry for the super late post. It's been a month went to Singapore and now only i have the chance to blog about this. Well, since my family trip was a short one, bro decided to bring us to Marina Bay Sands (excluding my dad) after our breakfast. My bro is a good tourist. He showed us the new places around in Singapore each time we went there. I still have lotsa places to go anyway. =( Never mind. I will have the chance to go there and visit new tourist attractions. ❤ 

Without wasting time, let me showed you what we had taken during the outing.

bro was facing his back at me. lol

Mum, sis and i ❤

under construction. =)

I wanted to go to the casino but too bad sis cannot go since she is still below 21 years old.

posing with the taxi stand. lol

Singapore Flyer =D

My favourite spot. 

With bro and mum. 

Looking over the MBS

Sis and i with Singapore Flyer =D

P/s: I love Singapore! ❤

~To be continued~ 


  1. Wow, I'm yet to go there. Looks awesome...

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