Dragon New Year Break! ❤

Just started my new long semester a week before CNY and i was thrilled to go back for CNY break. I couldnt wait to have reunion dinner with family, gathering with my dear Convent girls and Hua Lian friends as well! Right after my Polymer class, Jing Yin and i rushed back to Taiping. The rain was terribly heavy and it took four hours to reach Taiping where i normally reach my hommie within 2.5 hours plus! Zzz max! However, thank god i have Jing Yin to accompany me or else i would fall asleep while driving back.

This year i got to come back early. Therefore i helped mum with baking cornflakes cookies and aunt with baking layer cakes.  

Too bad the stand mixer caused some small trouble to us. Sis and i got to mix the butter and sugar using our both hands to stir it well. Oh my~ What an experience! I got blisters all over my palm later on. =(

Anyway after all the hassles we had been through, the best part was to see the fresh layer cake out from the steamer. :D Much time was consumed on steaming layer by layer of the cakes which took about one and a half hour to do so. Hmm.

On our reunion dinner, we offered to do something simple and not exaggerating as our tummy couldn't consume that much of food. So, dad cooked us delicious giant scallop, shark fin, sea cucumber and NOT FORGETTING ABALONE soup to fit our lil tummies. :D 

It was too delicious till i asked mum to give me extra pieces of abalone and the shark fin was too good to be true. Totally love that! 

Since it was new year eve, sis suggested to paint our nails in red! And not forgetting my lil Barbra too. She needs to wear something red. Therefore mummy had her red blouse and put on Barbra. =D *teehee*

Introducing my lil Barbra in red. She wanted to celebrate CNY too. hehe *wide grin*

Woke up at 7 something in the morning to have our mee suah on the first day and i became the helper of the day to clean up the mess in the kitchen after dad finished cooking them. FYI, my dad only cook once a year which is only applicable during CNY. LOL! Special chef in action!

Here am i in pyjamas with the apron - KAMI UTAMAKAN KEBERSIHAN! LOL!

Janice in red yo~ =D

Sexy sis and i. =D

Camwhoring is good=P

Hampers and gift baskets given by dad's friends. :D

 Glutinous rice balls with black sesame. Yum~

Simple shot with my dear Barbra. *love* 

Every year we will take family photo and this time all of us are in red except for bro - a lil bit on pink colour. =P

My cute and crazy family. Love all of you forever! =D 

Siblings. With Barbra. 

Crazy shot. 

Mum, sis, Barbra and i. 

With mum. 

In my auntie's house. 

Lil En En was playing the jigsaw game in my iPad, Spiffy =D

Lots of love. 

Small gathering with my dear Convent girlfriends. Happy to chat with you guys after so long. =D Till then, take care while working and all the best to all of you! P.s: I am the only one who are still studying. Sigh. =/

Koa Er. 

Janice and Janice. =D

Ling Ling. 

Koa Er, Janice, Ling and i.

Lou sang session with cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. 

Outing and movie time with my Hualian buddies. 

Way Choon was playing with Spiffy and Kuo Chin on the right.

my dearest, Shi Hui and i. 

Was in Ipoh for dinner a day before i went back to KL to continue my studies. 

with my bro.

cute sis posing with Canon lens cap. 

Lion dance performances. 

Fireworks. *love*

I am so reluctant to go back to KL to continue with my new semester. First, i am afraid to start the new semester cause i don't wish to see the results of FYP! Secondly, this is will be my last CNY break during my degree life. However, i had fun during my CNY break with fam, friends and loved ones. Thanks to all of you out there for making my life so wonderful. Seriously, i appreciate all of you even though we hardly see each other. That's the strong bond of Convent girls that i truly appreciate and treasure. ❤

lots of love, janiceyeap ❤

#nowplaying You Can't Stop The Beat ❤