Happy Valentine's Day! ❤

V-day is approaching which is tomorrow. Any idea on what to do on V-day? I KNOW I KNOW! *raising my hands up happily*

Because you know what? I will be studying for my midterm test which is on Wednesday! Darn! Everyone will be celebrating their V-day except for me. Sounds so pathetic huh? *crying at the corner of the house*

❤ Showing love to everyone! ❤

Anyway, think positively, Janice Yeap! V-day is just a normal day. I can celebrate any day i want if i treat that specific day is a V-day right? Haha. (Just trying to make myself feel good for not celebrating it). Alright. Just wish me luck in my test on this coming Wednesday. 

In order to bring luck, new nail polish must be put on. I chose purple this time. (This was before i put on another layer)  Pastel rawks!
Here's with the shattered nail polish. Purple and black rawks! teehee... (You know how much i am in love with purple. Hmm)
Oh yeah, Jamie Yeap is here with me since yesterday. Happy max! Thank you for accompanying me studying for the whole day

Lunch at Pizza Hut. The new interior of Pizza Hut. 
Chilling at Starbucks with sis. I was studying while she was playing her Progy. Thank you love!

That's all for my short post. So readers out there,


I am here to wish the couples out there stay lovely forever!

❤ lotsa love, janiceyeap™ ❤


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  2. All the best in your exam tomorrow, happy study day <3


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