Happy 21st Birthday, My Love!

This post is not about me. It is about my younger sister who turns 21 today. Finally you are old! =p Sorry that i couldnt celebrate with you. As usual we shall celebrate together when you come to KL okay? =)

 Before i came back to KL last week, we actually had a small celebration for her. She doesnt like to eat cake as much as i do. So we just bought her a small piece of cake from Secret Recipe. 

 Her tiny cake compared with the giant lighter. LOL!

 Making her earliest birthday wish/wishes. 

 Blowing a candle.

Some photos of her and i. Even though we quarrelled over small matter at times but i am happy that we are still that close and crazy for now.

 with my shades while driving back to KL. 

A kiss for u, buu!

Love you forever and always. All the best in everything you do and may all your birthday wishes will come true. =D xoxo

Lots of love, janiceyeap™


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