❤ Chemical Night 2012 ❤

On the day of 2nd February 2012 marked the first and last CNY gathering for Chemical Engineering Year 4 Semester 3 students. Since our batch has 88 students, definitely it is rather hard to make a gathering for us. Appreciate those who came to attend this called Chemical Night 2012 especially Dr Lai (our former CL HOD), Dr Hii, Miss Teoh, Dr Low and Dr Low's wife. Also not forgetting my dear course mates for taking the initiative to come and join in the fun. We have this BBQ and pot luck style dinner and each of us are required to bring our food comprising from CNY cookies, satay, pizza and etc. For more details, check out the photos below. =)

L-R: Miss Teoh, Dr Hii and Dr Lai (our newly appointed Deputy Dean). Congrats sir!
New BBQ method. 
Six of us. ❤

Us with the lecturers.

L-R (clockwise): Kah Khey, Wan Yen, Chai Lu, Sally, Me, Jing Yin, Jie Hoai. 
The girls with my Spiffy. They are addicted to the Fruit Ninja. LOL.
Group photo. 
Miss Teoh and i.
Dr Lai and i. He is the funniest lecturer i have ever seen. Thanks sir for your guidance and moral support!
Lecturers and the girls. 
Group photo. CL rawks
My 4 yrs of uni dearies and i.
Blissful to have Yong Peng feeding me with jelly. =P
Course mates aka condo mates aka cute couple, Lester and Yee Ping.
Jie Hoai and i. 
Jing Yin was terribly shocked when we secretly lifted her up. LOL. What an expression! 
She can pose happily while we lifted her up. 

Now with the normal and serious shot. Chee Jian, Jing Yin and i.
Hong Huei, Wei Sien and i. 
Camwhoring in the toilet with my chicken biscuits. LOL
Jiaqi, Krystal and i. 
Group photo with part of the CL girls. 
My favourite jump shot of the sem. 
I can't bend upwards fully anymore. How sad is it?
The sky was so beautiful that night. Thanks God for the nice weather.

My G2 mates. L-R: Jie Hoai, Jing Yin, Me, Ze Kai and Seng Xin
My members in Plant Design 2 
With the peace signs from our team. 

Writing wishes on the sky lantern. 
Our polaroid photo.
Ze Kai with his new pose of writing. =P
Posing with my sky lantern. 
Posing with the sky lantern before we released it.
Polaroid photo of us again. This time with the sky lantern. 
Beautiful sky lantern was finally up on the sky!
Ze Kai with our polaroid photos. 

We definitely had fun being together. Will treasure my 4 years of degree life with this bunch of crazy friends. Hopefully we get to gather like this again. All the best in your future undertakings guys! I believe all the CL-ians will be the successful engineers in future! *hugs and kisses* ❤

❤ lotsa love, janiceyeap™ ❤

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