[SG] Gala Premiere of Disney Pixar's Brave ❤

Received an invitation from Nuffnang Singapore to attend the Gala Premiere of Disney Pixar's  Brave at The Cathay, Handy Road on last Sunday.

Buntings of Brave that were displayed during the event.

The Nuffies here are super organised. Ticket collection was available only for half an hour which was on 2.15 pm till 2.45 pm. If the bloggers were unable to collect within the time stipulated, the bloggers would not be able to attend this Gala Premiere as stated.

Ticket Collection counter for Nuffnang at Level 5. (Photo credits to Disney Studio SG) 

Disney Pixar's Brave in 3D! 

I was lucky because I managed to get it on time and I have no idea that I was going to watch the movie in 3D! So cool! Oh ya.. Did I tell you that my sis-in-law joined me for this gala premiere as well? Hee.. Well, bro was busy during that time because he was having a tennis tournament in NUS. So I invited my sis-in-law to join me. =)

Introducing my sis-in-law. 

She seldom appears in my blog. So i guess this is the first time she appears in my blog. To those who don't know, she is currently working in Singapore. 

Another shot of her with her signature pose. 

Our movie started at 3.45 pm, so we had about 30 to 45 minutes for us to play the Brave games. The Nuffnangers were allowed to go in according to the schedule arranged for us. 

We are in the Nuffnang time slot. =)

There were number of games during the premiere. We get to play Nintendo Wii in archery skill games and etc. 

Archery game. 

Closer look of the Wii game. 

The Brave crew was guiding the boy on how to play the Brave game. 

The Brave crew in orange wig! 

With the rest of the bloggers!

There were photo taking session for the Nuffnangers as well. We get to take one photo in the photo booth with orange wig or without as memories. The photo turned out to be like this: 

My sis-in-law and I in orange wigs. 

We were given 10 seconds to pose and I couldn't wear the orange wig on time unlike my sis-in-law. So the photo of myself turned out to be in shock with the ugly orange wig. Haha! 

More photos of myself taken during the gala premiere. Hope my post doesn't bored you guys. =)

Posing with Merida and her three cute brothers.

Wasn't prepared when this photo was taken. hee.

Yours truly with the Brave crews. 

Covering my nose with hand. Oops. :P

More photos were taken during the Gala Premiere of Brave. Check them out. Let my photos do the talking alright? =) 

Us in orange wigs with Merida's family. We are a part of the family too. LOL! 

It was almost 3.45 pm. So we hurriedly rush to the level 6 to secure our seats cause the seats are on first come first serve basis. 

Exclusive showcase for the Nuffnangers during the gala premiere.

Can you spot me in the cinema? I was just sitting at the third row from the front. (Photo credits to Disney Studio SG) 

Thumbs up for this movie! I cried at the end of the movie when Merida couldn't change her beastly curse on her mum. It's a touching movie indeed. I would rate this 4/5. Anyway, be sure to catch Disney Pixar's Brave in cinemas on this 8th August 2012! 

Thanks Nuffnang Singapore and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Singapore for this golden opportunity! ❤

lotsa love,

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