Wedding Dinner ❤

Last weekend, I attended a wedding dinner with mum, dd and sis at Flemington Hotel which is located at the Taiping Lake Gardens. It only took us 5 minutes to reach there and my dd is always famous for being SUPER punctual. The dinner started at 8 pm and we reached there at 6.15 pm. So how punctual was my dad on that day. Heee..

The tables are still empty. 

A wedding gift in the form of keychain. 

Me, myself and I 

My sis, Jamie Yeap and I. 

This drink caused me drunk that night.

We had fun because it's been awhile since we stayed home for the past few weeks though there were only two youngsters i.e sister and I. 

A vain photo of myself. :P 

I went back home feeling a bit tipsy after the dinner and thank god my family was there with me. No more bottoms up next time! 

lotsa love,

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