Guess One To Watch ❤

Hey readers, I guess all of you have heard of this Guess One to Watch Global Blogger Search. I just joined the contest because i have nothing to do at home besides sleeping and eating at home since i just graduated not long ago. :P

Anyway, I need support from you guys. I am running for this Guess One to Watch Global Access Blogger. Click at my name (Janice Yeap) to link you guys to my style profile and vote for me if you like the style i have chosen. 

Here is the style I have chosen for the contest.

To those who know me well, they know that I am obsessed with LBD. So definitely it is a must-have item in my wardrobe. I love high heels. I am in love with watches. I have at least three pairs of watches to suit my outfit of the day normally depending on certain occasions. 

I know that i am kinda thick-skinned to ask you guys to vote for me as you guys must be thinking that I am not eligible to be a Global Access Blogger. But I am just trying my luck from there. It's okay if I don't win. At least i get to try something which I don't feel regret in future. Appreciate your help if you vote for me every 24-hour. Here is the link again. (Guess One To Watch) or you can choose to click at the style profile badge on the right hand side of my blog. Thank you soooo much~~ xoxo ❤❤

P/s: Bro and sis-in-law are coming home tomorrow! Whee~ 

lotsa love,

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