Hennessy V.S.O.P Kyrios Party at The Butter Factory! ❤

Sorry for the late post! Attended my first Hennessy V.S.O.P Kyrios Party at The Butter Factory on two weeks ago and thank you for a pair of free tickets and two miniature bottles of Hennessy V.S.O.P Kyrios. 

Let me share a secret with my readers here. I have not tried clubbing in Malaysia before so definitely this is my first time clubbing in Malaysia clubs. My first time was given to Singapore clubs last year when I stayed there for two months which is situated at Harbourfront. St James Power Station has 9 clubs which I personally can't hop all of them because I was darn tired. (I am not a clubbing-type-of-girl as I can't sleep late). The most I can stay up late is up to 2 am only and during my university life, I stayed up to 6 am just to work on my assignments and no more staying up late ever since I started working. 

Alright. Back to the topic after all my grandmother's story. LOL. 

Here's my outfit of the night. 

Reached there around 9.15 pm and thank god we managed to get a good parking space. And next to The Butter Factory club is the Neverland Club, KL.Next time we can hop from one club to another. LOL! And the parking fee is affordable too. Only RM10 per entry. Not too expensive for me. 

Below are the photos taken during the Hennessy Kyrios Party night: 

3D backdrop that night. 

  A selca shot of mine. :P

For your information, DJ Cookie, Mr Nasty & GuruGuru and B.A.T.E were the featured DJs that night. 


Another shot taken again in the club with ma favourite Calvin Klein wristlet. :)

Free flow of Hennessy Kyrios for an hour from 9pm - 10pm.

The stage.

Models were posing with the new Hennessy Kyrios.

 *pops confetti*

DJ B.A.T.E performed first that night. 

Of course if I am to give a few chances to go clubbing with a bunch of friends, I would love to go again because I do not want to spend my youth life not going to club once at all! *Oops* I will be super proud to tell all my readers even though I only club a few times in my life because there will be no regrets for clubbing once or twice before in my entire life! LOL! *ahem*

P/s: Sorry for the bad quality photos. I only brought my iPhone 5 with me that night.

lotsa love,

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