Iron Man 3: My Way ❤

Thinking of the upcoming movie of Iron Man 3, I am super excited about it! Right now, I have to come up with creative ideas of customizing my very own Iron Man suit! Oh man, this took me three days to sketch this ugly drawing of Iron Man suit.

Anyway I'll apologize first about the drawing as I am neither good in Illustrator nor Photoshop. The only thing I am good at is sketching it and scan it to my laptop and have it uploaded in this blog post. Hope you guys don't mind the sketch that I had done.=)

Without wasting time, let me show you my latest creation of Iron Man suit: MARK-X!

My very own sketch of Iron Man suit: Mark-X! *teehee*

First of all, Iron Man suits are named as Mark-I, Mark-II and so on in the comics. So I'll follow with the name Mark. But with the 'X', I name it that way because it is something X-traordinary, X-treme, X-pensive and X-cellent Iron Man suit that you will come across so far! *wide grin*

Here's the description of my new ideas on the Iron Man suit. On the both left and right shoulders, I had five to ten bombs attached on each rotatable plate where the start up button is just located right on the wrists of the Iron Man suit. The plate will appear once the start button is activated and each bomb in the plate will be released when the start up button is pressed longer (approximately about 3-5 seconds). 

There will be a Gatling gun attached to the right lower arm of the Iron Man suit and flying knives attached on the left lower arm in case enemies come attacking from the back. There will be a nunchaku held at the left hand because I want to reminisce the moments of Bruce Lee in action. *oops*

Last but not least, I will have a few blades on the lower thigh of the suit in case if Iron Man comes across enemies which can glide on the floor for example snakes and prevent it from curling the body of Iron Man. This super blades will immediately kill the enemies at once before they could reach any part of the body as it will excrete poisonous chemicals once they get near to the suit.

Are you ready for Iron Man 3? YES! I AM READY FOR THIS! 

P/s: Sorry for my ugly drawing. Hope you guys don't mind and enjoy reading it! Actually I wanted to have two drawings in my post which is the original Iron Man suit and my creation of Iron Man suit but it took me three days to complete this drawing and I kinda gave up after that. So, you will actually see that the tools I added into the drawing will be slightly unclear because I plan to show the differences between the original and the edited version of Iron Man suit. 

lotsa love,

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