IMAX Launch at TGV, One Utama ❤

Sorry for the super late post! I have too many pending posts in hand and I could not even finish all of them. *Sigh* I am such a lousy blogger! Sorry about it! Please forgive me ok? *wide grin*

Anyway, few weeks ago, I attended the special screening of GI Joe Retaliation at TGV, One Utama and thank you Churp Churp for the invitation. At the same time, there was an IMAX Launch event happening on the same day too. 

Thinking that it was only a special TGV Screening for GI Joe Retaliation and did not expect it to be so happening, I only wore my stupid work outfit to attend the screening and the launch and it turned out that everyone dressed up so nicely except for me =(
The itinerary for the event of the night was stated as below:
6 pm: Registration
7 pm: Launch of IMAX
7.30 pm: Dinner served
8.30 pm: Movie screening
10.30 pm: After party

I rushed to One Utama right after my work and found out that the place was crowded with people already. Since the launch of IMAX was going to start at 7pm, we queued up to get our popcorn and drinks for free. There were free drinks from wine, Apple Cider Somersby and cocktails and fruit punch as well. 

The launch was hosted by Mr Will Quah and speech given was given by the CEO of TGV Cinema and followed by the appearance of ninjas crawling down from the first floor.

Ninjas in the house!

There were performances by LED water drum as well. I managed to take photos of it from far because I was too short to capture because it was really crowded.

Something like this. =(

Here are some the shots I had taken during the launch.Let my pictures do the talking alright? =)

After the dinner, we went into the cinema to enjoy our screening of G.I. Joe Retaliation which started at 8.30 pm. We were allowed to bring in the popcorn and drinks but I was too full to consume anything anymore. Anyway, goodies bags were placed in each seat in the cinema. Yay! I can have new shopping bag again! Lol! *jumping with joy*
Goodies bag given by TGV Cinema - Note book, TGV Mug and Can opener! Thank you! 

Last but not least, a selca shot of myself taken in the office before I attended the event. =P

P/s: Thank you Churp Churp and TGV Cinema for having me there. I had fun in the event. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy reading my post. Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. Will be super busy on the next weekend. I need more sleep =(

lotsa love,

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