Manhattan Fish Market Student Meal ❤

I am not a student anymore but still I am eligible for student discount. *wide grin* This is because my student card is still valid. *muahahaha* Each meal costs only RM13.80 and comes with soup of the day, drink and a can of carbonated beverage - Mountain Dew. 

Here's some of the food my friend and I had ordered:

Spicy Baked Fish 

Free Soup of the Day

The portion of each student meal is big! It's good being a student sometimes! Can I go back to university and continue studying again? Being a student always has its advantages especially you can have food, movies, drinks and everywhere at discounted prices! Hmmph....

Manhattan Fish and Chips - Dory (my favourite) 

Gummy Bear (thumbs up for this drink!) 

P/s: Just came back from Vietnam last night. Feeling so sick right now.. Can I cut my ear and throat away? *sigh*

lotsa love,

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