Arthur's Day with Guinness Malaysia ❤

Hi readers! I am back with a super long post this time. Sorry for the outdated posts. This week was a very busy week for me as I have been traveling around KL for meetings and appointments plus welcoming my Aussie and Singapore bosses this week. (: 

Back in few weeks ago, I was really honored to attend this Arthur's Day party which was held at Sepang International Circuit courtesy of Manoah, Churp Churp and Nuffnang. 

Finished my work pretty late that night, I managed to reach there around 9 something after shower and light dinner. I was so sad when I got there because I forgot to bring along my VIP parking pass  that I had to park at the normal parking space in the end. :( But thank god I have so many friends joining me that night which I did not have to worry about walking to my car alone. (: 

Sister was so excited for this party because this would be her first Arthur's Day party and so do I. Imagine I got the chance to watch The Wanted, Five for Fighting and The All-American Rejects live in Malaysia!! Was overjoyed that night. But too bad I missed some of the performances from Five For Fighting when I got there. *sobs* 

Top to toe from Forever 21 and sandals from Fitflop. (:

My cutie pie and I. (:

Performances from Five For Fighting, The All-American Rejects and The Wanted were damn awesome!! I even took videos of every single performances that they had performed that night and had them uploaded in my Youtube channel. Hehe. 
 Five For Fighting (:

 The All-American Rejects. (:

 The Wanted. (:
Imagine this was my first time going to Arthur's Day event and I got to watch all my favourite bands performed the whole night!!! *jump with joy* Anyway, without further explanation, let my videos do all the talking ok?

Five for Fighting performance.

I only managed to catch Five for Fighting's performance for a short while since I came late. However, during the All-American Rejects' performance, I was so hyped and excited because they even sang "Negaraku", our national anthem live!!

The All-American Rejects performed "Negaraku" live!

 They performed "It Ends Tonight".

The Wanted came in last and they performed quite a number of latest songs from "We Own The Night", "I Found You", "Glad You Came" and also The Killers' songs. (:

The Wanted performed "Glad You Came".

All the celebrities came out from the stage after the final performance from The Wanted and bid farewell to us before they officially ended the event.

With my friends and my cutie pie. (:

Before we left the place, we took a lot of photos around and we drank a few cups of Guinness Stout. (:

Photo with my cutie pie. *teehee*

This is by far one of the most awesome Arthur's Day event that I had ever attended! I went back around 1.30 am after the fireworks. (: 

P/s: All photos above were taken using my Samsung S4. (:

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