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Been struggling with work and personal problems for the past few weeks. I can't seem to find a time to blog about my outdated posts and I am pretty sorry for the delay. =.= I have not been a consistent blogger lately due to work pressure and personal problems that occurred to me one after another. Sorry guys.

Anyway, back in few weeks ago, I was cordially invited by Foodirector to go for a food review at Kuala Lumpur. Hello girls and boys, welcome to Savaro by Felda which is located at Solaris Dutamas (it is located at Publika precisely at Block A3).

They came up with the theme of English Garden and I love how they decorate it nicely using the fake leaves to decorate the roof top. It makes feel like eating in a garden with mother nature. Feel so calm and relaxed. (:

Savaro uses the concept of open kitchen which offers Western and local delicacies as well as fine dining at affordable price.

The menu comes in purple colour which is their restaurant's theme cover and also my favourite colour! :P

The VIP room is quite huge that it can accommodate more than 10 people.

We were placed in the VIP room the other day and the view is amazing. Despite there's no curtain for the VIP room, it was really cold as the aircond was placed in the centre where all of us were enjoying our food. (:

There were couches for us to sit and relax too.

I thought I was late but thank god I made it on time and got the opportunity to snap a few photos of the surroundings around while waiting for the rest to arrive. In the meantime, some of the bloggers ordered the drinks first and here's what they have ordered.

This is Savaro's house special fruit punch. Savaro Soda Lime - RM9.80 

Savaro Soda Lime is Savaro's very own fruit punch creation of strawberry extract and lime juice combined and topped with soda water, kaffir lime and mint leaves. In order to perfect this concoction, you will have to crush the mint leaves immediately before consuming.

There were varieties of food in the menu that we did not know what to order. The manager was so kind that he suggested their signature food for us to try on. Thank you to the manager for helping us out. While waiting for our food to arrive, the manager served us homemade kuih bangkit.

 Homemade Kuih Bangkit. It's one of my favourite CNY cookies. (:

 We ordered different types of beverages from the menu. I ordered Sky Green for myself while some of them ordered Pina-C and Tropical Twist.

Sky Green - RM9.80 

Go green with this drink of apple, guava and lime juice with a side garnish of salty guava which is priced at RM9.80. This Sky Green tasted not too sour for me as I love lime juice a lot. I like how the salty guava goes well with the drink. (:

Pina-C - RM 9.80

Pina-C is a delicious vitamin C drink loaded combination of pineapple and orange, topped with zesty lemon juice.

Tropical Twist - RM9.80

As for the Tropical Twist, it is a cultry blend of pineapple, orange and strawberry extracts.

We were first served with Oxtail soup, Savaro's hot pick. To those, who loves beef, this is a must-try soup. Savaro's version of traditional English soup has an added zing of hints of curry, with a distinctive beefy goodness of soft chunks Australian beef tail, slow-cooked in a special broth.

Oxtail Soup (Chef's Hot Pick) - RM13.80

I don't take beef but I tried their soup. The bread is best dipped in the soup before eating. Each sip is guaranteed to make you longing for more.  

We were then served with Bambu Savaro Rice which is the chef's hot pick. Their modern twist to an old-fashioned oriental meal. The white rice is steamed with a savoury mix of ginger, mushroom and minced chicken. It is also served with salted eggs, pickled fruit chutney (acar buah), sambal belacan, Palembang crackers and clear soup.

Bambu Savaro Rice (Chef's Hot Pick) - RM15.80

The minced chicken was good and it was quite soft and easier to be swallowed. As for the rice, it was slightly hard to be swallowed but the texture of the rice was different compared to the normal rice I have eaten everyday. As for the pickled fruit chutney, I did not try because I can't take in spicy food.

Bambu Kerabu Rice is one of the unique dish I have ever seen.  The rice is steamed with coconut cream, tinted blue naturally with the Telang flower. It is also served with fried Tenggiri fish, salted egg, slices of smoked beef and a generous sprinkle of local fresh herbs (ulam), toasted coconut shavings, fish sauce (budu) and fish crackers.

Bambu Kerabu Rice - RM18.80

I love how the texture of the blue tinted rice where it tasted almost the same as the normal rice but I was simply amazed by the rice. As for the fish crackers, it was already turned cold when I had them. It should be eaten first before it turned cold. Ahh! Silly me.

Bambu Dagang Rice is a traditional east Malaysian rice dish of the aromatic "dagang" rice, steamed with coconut cream, shallots and herbs, served with delicious Tenggiri fish curry.

Bambu Dagang Rice - RM19.80

The rice I had tried looks like the brown rice I normally ate. The fish was just nice and not too spicy for me.

Assam Pedas Fish which uses Tenggiri fish comes with sour and spicy gravy enhanced with the aroma of torch ginger and complemented with lady's fingers.

Assam Pedas Fish - RM18.80 (Chef's Hot Pick)

The taste was just fine for me. The fish was a bit salty for me and I love their gravy when I mixed with the rice.

As for Bambu Lamb Briyani, it's a Middle East inspired meal of fragrant basmathi rice cooked with biryani-spiced lamb and served with savoury papadom crackers.

Bambu Lamb Briyani - RM20.80

I like this basmathi rice of all the rice I have tried. Not too soft and not too hard, the rice was just nice to be eaten without anything. (:

Chicken Carbonara was served next. Pasta in creamy carbonara sauce with chicken sausages, chicken breast slices and button mushrooms and topped with grated parmesan. You can choose to have fettuccine, linguine or spaghetti.

Chicken Carbonara - RM19.80

The portion was just right enough for me and I find it that the sauce was a bit too creamy. I always love carbonara and I can have a maximum two plates of carbonara if the sauce wasn't too creamy and thick. 

The manager later served us the local delicacies which is the Savaro Satay, one of the Chef's hot pick. Generous portions of tender beef or chicken pieces, marinated in Savaro's special seasoning and charbroiled to perfection before being served with their signature roasted peanut sauce and a side of cucumbers, onions and rice cubes. We called it nasi himpit in Malay. The choice of either beef or chicken, or both. (A set of half a dozen skewers).

Savaro Satay (Chef's Hot Pick) - RM12.80

The satays were tender and juicy but the rice cubes (nasi himpit) was too soft and when I bit it, it shattered straight away. I like how they divide the portions equally for everyone to try different types of satays.  

Savaro Noodles is an Asian inspired noodle dishes which is one of the Chef's hot pick. The egg noodles is served in Savaro's special gravy with a distinctive prawn taste, topped with boiled prawns, slices of roast beef, shredded roast chicken, vegetables and half boiled egg.

Savaro Noodles (Chef's Hot Pick) - RM13.80 

This Savaro Noodles tasted like famous Chinese prawn noodles in Penang. The portion was a bit too small for the value of the price and the texture of the noodles tasted good enough and not too soft for me.

It's the steamed sticky glutinous rice served with fresh mango and drizzled with coconut cream.

Tropical Sticky Rice - RM6.80

The pink color sticky rice attracts me a lot. The rice was fine for me and the mango was just right for me. (:

A sweet porridge of green beans, boiled soft with rich coconut cream and coconut cream and gula melaka. (palm sugar)

Bubur Kacang - RM6.80

The bubur kacang's taste was just right and I prefer to have bubur kacang without the coconut cream. Heheh. 

Espresso Macchiato - RM12.80

Hot Chocolate - RM7.80

Overall, the food is worth trying. The portions were just nice for me and too much. I love how they decorate the Bambu rice with the side dishes. Thank you Savaro and Foodirector for organising such an awesome food review. (:

A3-G2-09, Solaris Dutamas,
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