Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear Media Launch ❤

The moment I have been waiting for - the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear in Malaysia on 25th September. I have no idea since when I have started to fall in love with Samsung phones. Perhaps when I received a Samsung S4 as a gift? Ever since Samsung S4 was launched, I have been receiving good reviews from the Samsung users and I wanted to try it myself. But thank god that I was blessed with wonderful people around me that I was given a brand new Samsung S4 as a gift. *whee*

Anyway, I am still quite new with my baby S4 but S4 somehow fascinated me a lot with lots of features that I have never seen in other brands of smartphones.

And thank you so much to Manoah and Samsung for giving me the opportunity to attend the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear last week! Samsung Malaysia launched the third generation of its Galaxy Note series and Galaxy Gear which is a perfect companion device that further integrates the Samsung Galaxy experience into everyday life.

 Mr Kwon Jae-Hoon, Managing Director of Samsung Malaysia Electronics gave his welcoming speech.

Seriously I was looking forward to this phone because I knew Samsung S4 has never failed me with their awesome features and definitely with this new Galaxy Note 3, I knew they would improve their features more and more impressing. (:

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 adds delight to daily tasks and infuses innovative features that help consumers design their life in easy and joyful ways, the Samsung Galaxy Gear is an innovative wearable device that allows users to live in the moment while staying connected.

Bright and colourful covers to lighten up your day.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a wider (5.7inch) full HD Super AMOLED display, yet slimmer (8.3mm) and lighter (168g) hardware design, and more powerful and longer lasting (3,200mAh) battery. Also, equipped with a 13 megapixel rear camera with Smart Stabilization and high CRI LED flash, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 enables users to crisply capture every visual story in their lives, even in low light and active situations. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 offers the latest LTE technologies – CAT4 Carrier Aggregation and supports the greatest number of multiple frequencies. Incorporating the industry’s largest* 3GB RAM; the Galaxy Note 3 also provides faster and more powerful performance. 

*as per current industry offerings.

The new S Pen reinvents and modernizes the classic note-taking experience by providing the ability to accomplish everyday tasks with just one click. The advanced S Pen is designed to be fully functional as a communication driver between the phone and the user by creating essential input and control features.

A simple click of the S Pen button while hovering over the screen introduces users to Air Command, a palette of five powerful features that truly make tasks easier and faster. With the Air Command feature, there is no need to toggle between screens, memorize commands or look up different menus. The Air Command feature provides access to the following key functions: 

1. Action Memo
Allows users to handwrite a note, and automatically execute a function or convert that hand written information into formatted content. Action Memo can instantly initiate a call, add to contacts, look up an address on a map, search the web, save a task to a to-do list, and more

2. Scrapbook
Enables users to organize or track down content and information from various sources including the web, YouTube and Gallery in one place so that users can easily look back at collected content all at once. When consumers save content for future use, Scrapbook also collects source material or URLs allowing them to easily refer back to the original source.

3. Screen Write 
Captures the full screen image of the current page on the device and allows users to write comments or additional information onto the captured image.

4. S Finder 
Allows users to expansively search for content on their device regardless of the type. By putting in keywords or filters such as date, location, and content type, users can search related documents, events, communication threads, and even the Help page – all in one place. In addition, users can also search for hand-written content in their Notes and memo applications, as well as symbols and formulas.
5. Pen Window 
Allow users to use the S Pen not only for drawing sketches or writing notes, but now also for opening a small application window for a true multitasking experience. Simply by drawing a window of any size, anywhere on the screen, users can easily and quickly open another application window such as YouTube, calculator or Browser without pausing current activity on the screen.

The 5.7-inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen provides a stunning and defined video viewing experience, distinct clarity for reading and an elegant canvas for content creation. With the new Multi Window, users can toggle seamlessly between applications without closing the window or opening a new page. 

Pen Window from Air Command also further enhances multitasking experience by allowing consumers to draw a window on the screen and launching popular applications while continuing current tasks. An improvement to Multi-Vision, video sharing, is now available. It now enables consumers to share videos and play content together with their friends simultaneously. Users can also connect up to 5 devices alongside each other to create a "big screen" viewing experience. 

The new Galaxy Note 3 comes with enhanced privacy and security protection provided by Samsung KNOX. Users can activate Samsung KNOX with ease which allows them to run and store security-sensitive applications and data inside a protected execution environment called “container.” The security inside the container is strengthened by system-level protection of Samsung KNOX against malware and phishing attacks as well as hacking attempts on physical devices when devices are stolen or lost. Furthermore, the Galaxy Note 3 is equipped with an improved Find My Mobile feature that allows users to disable the phone when it is stolen or lost. 

In addition to meaningful technological advancements, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 delivers a new premium look and feel. Expanding on the modern Samsung GALAXY design approach, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 adds a soft and textured-touch back cover, delicate stitching and endures strengths of classic notebooks and planners. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be available in Jet Black and Classic White.

Galaxy Gear allows users to live life in the moment while staying connected. A perfect companion to Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear provides users smart freedom to choose how, why, when and where they are connected. Galaxy Gear will notify users and give them quick previews of incoming texts, emails and more coming from Galaxy Note 3.

It has a range of other valuable features and commands that extend the Galaxy Note 3 experience. When an incoming message requires more than a quick glance, users can simply pick up their Samsung Galaxy devices and the Smart Relay feature will automatically reveal the full content on the screen. 

Galaxy Note 3 is available in 32GB internal storage along with an additional microSD card slot, while Galaxy Gear is available in 4GB internal storage. 

 Pretty model posing with the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear. (:

Meanwhile, I managed to get hold of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy 3 during the launch and I was impressed with the performance. I managed to capture of the photos of the gear and Note 3 and selca with a few of my blogger friends. (: 

With Michelle. (: 

With Kah Mon. (:

With Ashley. (:

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