[Beauty Review] - Bidanpo Mediental Clinic Mask ❤

Three masks that I have received from HiShop Malaysia. (:

Hello readers, today I am back with the review of Bidanpo Mediental Clinic Mask given by HiShop for review purposes. Thank you HiShop for the masks. (:

Fermentation aesthetics 'Bidanpo Mediental Healing Mask' is a brand of oriental medicine skin science born in "Hana Green Oriental Medical Clinic". Bidanpo masks are made with the secret method of fermenting and maturing 12 precious medicinal herbs in a bamboo bucket to improve skin. 

 This mask helps to improve skin elasticity, lifting and regeneration. Using the secret method 'Tanryeok-Bogangdan', fermenting and maturing 12 precious medicinal herbs in a bamboo bucket to improve skin with wrinkles and reduced elasticity.

  Posing before shower. :P

I used my mask after my shower and you can see from the photo below that I am wearing my Stitch shirt on. Heheh. The mask brings cooling sensation on my face and it fits well on my face. *yay*

During mask application. Sorry for the scary look of mine. (:

You can see from my left face (which is your right side), there's a slight swell on the face. You can actually see the difference of the face after the mask application on the second photo below.

Before mask application 

The swell on face was reduced instantly after the mask application. Hooray! (: I can now have even V-shape face. :P

After mask application

When I first removed the mask, I was surprised because the mask came out to be slightly brownish colour instead of white. However, the scent is refreshing. When I placed the mask on face, I can feel the cooling sensation on my face. I can see that the mask instantly lift up my face even it's just my first mask application. The essence absorbs well on face and it's trying out this mask.

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Rate of the product: 4.8/5

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