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I always wanted a flawless skin like other girls have. But too bad my skin isn't flawless as I wish it to be. When I was given a chance to review a natural beauty drink which is for trouble skin that combines the goodness of golden kiwi seed extract, I was more than happy to try. All thanks to Innomise for Kiwi AC+, the natural beauty drink which is the secret to porcelain skin! (:

Kiwi AC+ beauty drink combines the goodness of golden kiwi seed extract, incorporate with bormelain, pomegranate, acerola and red beet extract. About 80% among the skins troubles are mostly caused by internal factors especially the hormone imbalance, genetic inherit, stress, unhealthy diet and lifestyle, lack of sleep, medication reaction and etc. 

I always rely too much on anti acne skincare products that I finally realized that it might not solve my skin problems thoroughly and permanently. Therefore, it is important for me to look for a natural cure that really heals the blemish, inflammation and oily skin problem from inside out.

Kiwi AC+ natural beauty drink helps to clear skin from inside out by controlling the sebum, strengthen the skin's immunity towards simulators (anti inflammation), neutralize damages of external free radicals (anti-oxidant) and stimulate collagen production to lighten scars and marks (healing ability).

Proven results shown after 10 days of consumption:
  • 43% skin less oily
  • 39% calm down skin inflammation (redness and swelling)
  • 40% pores minimizing
After 2 months of consumption (1 treatment)
  • 87% less pimples and acne
  • 95% complexion is clarified and even
However these results are based on self-evaluation of 100 Asian aged 15 to 25. Individual result may vary from one another.

Dissolve Kiwi AC+ in 100ml to 150ml room temperature water and stir well. The taste of the drink is exactly like kiwi fruit.

The products were given to me to try for 7 days which comes in 10 sachets. 2 sachets are essential to be taken after breakfast for the 1st 3 days and followed by 1 sachet after breakfast for the remaining 4 days. 

The appearance of the drink looks like a hot choc to me. (:

Rough skin texture, acne scars, marks, large pores, oily combination skin, acne inflammation, redness
dull or uneven skin tone are the common skin problems that occur to us nowadays. However, with the help of Kiwi AC+, it can actually help to achieve clearer complexion in 10 days.

As for my skin condition, I actually see a slight improvement in my skin. The photos below are unedited except for adding text to the photos. I was lucky enough to receive this Kiwi AC+ drink at this moment because my pimples just popped out suddenly after I came back from construction site. Normally my skin will get pretty bad especially dusty places. Pimples will start popping out and it's hard for me to conceal each of them because they are too many. =( Was so depressed at that moment and thank god Kiwi AC+ reached on time to rescue my skin! (:

You can actually see some improvement in my skin after the 7th day. As stated above, you will see some improvements on your skin in 10 days. However, during the 7th day, the results are significant. My skin gets better except for the huge red pimple on the forehead. But the redness of the pimple had been reduced after the 7th day. Yay! *jump with joy*

As mentioned above, Kiwi AC+ beauty drink combines the goodness of golden kiwi seed extract, incorporate with bormelain, pomegranate, acerola and red beet extract. All these ingredients proven to have all the skin problems solved because of their content. Golden kiwi seed extract controls the sebum without altering skin's moisture, balancing the skin pH, anti oxidant and anti-inflammation whereas for pomegranate, it promotes blood circulation, collagen production and improve tissue repair and wound and scars. healing. As for acerola, it prevent premature aging and help to brighten the skin and protect against chemical stressor. Meanwhile, for bromelain, it reduces itchiness, redness and rashes and at the same time promote healing of wound scar tissue. Last but not least, it has a remarkable body cleansing power where it helps to boost up immune system, detoxification and purify blood and anti inflammatory.

I can't see the reasons why this natural beauty drink is not good for health as the ingredients are mostly from natural resources.So why not you try this yourself and witness the journey to the flawless skin? I am sure you will love it. =)

Right now, they are having promotion for Kiwi AC+ which is only RM89* per box. Their normal price is RM160 per box (12g x 20 sachets). 1 box of Kiwi AC+ is recommended for 10 days consumption for initial intensive result. You can also purchase TWO and GET ONE FREE at RM256* plus FREE shipping to West Malaysia. 3 boxes is normally recommended for 1 month acne clear treatment package.

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For more info, check it out at:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kiwiacplus
Website: www.kiwiacplus.com

However, their website is not ready yet. You guys can always email Miss Nicole at nicole.innomise@gmail.com or call her at 016-218 9094 if any of you are interested to purchase this beauty drink.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. However this does not affect my judgement in the review in any way and all opinions expressed are solely my own. Results may vary for individual. 

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