[Event] Kiss Me Sunway Lagoon Event ❤

It was an exciting Saturday for me as I will be going to Sunway Lagoon for an event organized by Kiss Me! Woohoo!! Since I lived nearby and it only took about 5 minutes to get there, I reached there at 7.30 am sharp as told by the organizer. Man! When I got there, I was so surprised because there were a few events going on at Sunway Lagoon as well. 

With the bloggers and their plus 1! (:

The crowd started to make me feel sad cause I guess I needed to queue for a long period for a particular game. :( *weeping* However, Kiss Me crew was kind enough to set up a place for us to gather around and wait for the rest of the bloggers to arrive. 

Clockwise from L-R: Cik Lily Putih, Yana, Siew Cheng and I.

While waiting for the challenge to start, we were given a set of makeup to put on. I had the opportunity to try out their waterproof eyeliner and mascara. These makeup were put to test whether the make up would smudge after I dipped myself into the water and play later on.

It's my second time to Sunway Lagoon this year and I am excited to go for Vuvuzela which was my 2nd time trying out this game too. *yay*  We were given 8 challenges to complete. The first challenge was the Vuvuzela. 

My team consists of yours truly, Michelle, May Lee and Siew Cheng. 

I am so excited for the Vuvuzela challenge. However it took us about 25 minutes to wait for our turn. I did not know that we were allowed to cut the queue but we were blindly waiting for our turn. We might not be able to bag the grand prize already. =(

After the Vuvuzela challenge, we went over to the adventure park to join the next challenge. There were two challenges and we started off with the kayaking. Michelle and May Lee offered to go for kayak because they said they had experience on kayaking before.

Mich and May Lee were required to made the figure 8 to complete the challenge and they did!

Next challenge, was the wildlife challenge. I could foresee that this challenge got to be picking up something from a box containing lots of insects.

And I was correct. We were required to take out the scrabbles from the box which has Madagascar cockroaches inside! Eww! Of all insects, why it had to be cockroaches? I hate cockroaches the most! But thank god, my team mate was so kind to chase the cockroaches away when i was picking up the scrabbles.

Mich and I were taking turns to bring the scrabbles out. Phew! 

After we had completed this challenge, we proceeded to Scream Park to solve our next challenge. Another challenge that I hated the most. I dislike zombies, ghosts, humans with ugly makeups that would make me scream anytime. And we were told to go to the scream park to complete the 5 minute challenge. Oh my.. I was screaming like nobody's business. I could still remember when I went with my friends back in uni life, I closed my eyes all the way during the scream park challenge. And I told myself not to go anymore. But for this time I had no choice as I had to complete these challenges in order to win some prizes from Kiss Me. I think I was brave enough to go through that challenge. 

After the Scream Park challenge. All of us were looking so damn tired after the screaming. =/

It was already 12.30pm and we could not complete the other two challenges because time was up. We hurriedly run to the first stop to return our hints to the marshal. Most of the teams had completed the challenges except for my team. =( But seriously I had fun with the girls! Thank you Manoah and Kiss Me!

After that, we went for shower and grabbed our lunch which were provided and the food was good. I even had ice-cream after my lunch. *nom nom* There was a photobooth session for us to keep some memories about this event.

Some of the props for the photobooth. (:

We were given a full makeover from hair, manicure and face makeover. I was so happy for that because I had to attend dinner that night. So I did not have to look for saloon and go for hair makeover. :)

There were pretty cupcakes on the table. They were too pretty to be eaten. (:

Pretty heels on top of the cupcake (:

While waiting for the hair makeover, the girls were busy chitchatting and mingling around. I was glad to know a few friends through this event. As usual girls will camwhore around while waiting.. *wide grin*

Audrey and I.

Audrey is a friendly girl. Audrey is also my friend's junior from the same uni. What a small small world! (: Glad to meet Anne because the last event I saw her was the Vikings Preview Screening at Changkat. We did not talk that time because I was rushing to go home and I was glad to chat with her because I found out that she is my ex-coursemate's sister! What a small world! (:

Anne, Furfer and I. (:

Finally it was my turn for the makeover. I looked so damn weird with that makeup. Maybe I have already used to my natural makeup and I don't apply eyeliner below my lower eyes defto I felt weird that day.

That's my look before the makeover and with my plus 1, Siew Cheng. (: 

With bubbly Michelle (:

With Siew Cheng and Michelle. (: We knew other from Nuffnang's Birthday Bash in March this year.

Make up of the day. All products used were from Kiss Me makeup range.

Kiss Me Photobooth. (: 

Last but not least, a group photo of the bloggers that day. Thank you Manoah and Kiss Me for giving us the opportunity to visit Sunway Lagoon and meet all the awesome bloggers from different parts of the city. Glad to know all of you. (:

P/s: Sorry for the late post. T.T

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