[Work] Days in Manila! ❤

Holla people in Malaysia. I am writing my very first personal post all the way from Philippines! Not sure if anyone in Malaysia miss me as much as I do? I hope you guys do! (: Life's pretty depressing here. This is because I have been working from 8 am to 5 pm in the office every day and continue with my work back at home. T.T I want back my KL life. =/ Almost every night I complained to my sister that I want to go home. First of all, I don't understand Tagalog which is Philippines' mother tongue language and secondly I was not prepared to be here for few months. (Even though I will be back in Malaysia once a month).

Feeling so depressed on the first week in Manila.

Partly because my ang moh boss was only for two days and I was afraid that no one would help me with the documents that I have to submit to the client every day. Been working on the documents for the past one week and I am still continue working in this week. I guess I won't be able to go shopping on weekends till next week. :( There's one of the largest shopping mall nearby my place where you can reach there within 5 minutes with cab.

 SM Mall of Asia - The largest shopping mall in Asia.

Thirdly, the workers here are talking Tagalog to me! Wtf. Do I look like a Filipino here? I am Malaysian ok? And how I wish I can find a few Chinese colleagues who can speak Cantonese or Mandarin with me since my client is actually from Hong Kong.  For your information, my client owns casinos in Macau and they are planning to build another City of Dreams of Macau in Manila here. It will be one of my biggest project I have ever handle. Everyone will be wondering will I get any benefit from there like commission or something? Nah! Not a single cent. I am not the one who will get the credits in the end even though I am the person who are handling the documents and projects. So pathetic right? I think the most valuable things I can benefit from this project is getting more experience in handling such big project and will become an expert in AutoCAD drawings in future. :P Maybe I can also get the opportunity to meet the owner and I can become his mistress. Then I will be rich for good. *evil laugh*

 It's called City of Dreams Manila by the way. You guys can google the name if you want. (:

Anyway, AutoCAD was never my thing since degree life. Never really like to use AutoCAD and whenever we have assignment on AutoCAD, I will choose to help my friends with paper work instead of working on the AutoCAD drawings. Right now, I have to face AutoCAD all day long in Manila. *hate*

Fourth, the internet connection here is darn slow even with the mobile broadband. Who says that the green bars on the broadband has the strongest connection here? Bull shit! It works even slower than my EDGE connection on my phone. I definitely have no patience in loading the page over and over again anymore. (P.s: Right now I am blogging this with the page loading half way only. FML!) Almost everyday I decided to sleep at 10.30 pm because of the slow connection here. I rather go and sleep than waiting for the slow connection to load one page every 5 minutes. While waiting for the page to load, this is what I always eat.

 Dried Mangoes! *om nom nom*

Pretty sad with the bad internet connection here. Definitely I won't be blogging so much already. Sigh. My views are definitely gonna drop by 50%. =( All my hard work does not pay off when you lack of blogging already. With so many bloggers around the world, everyone has to update her blog creatively and constantly in order to increase the traffic. Am I right?

Wore my ChurpOut 2013 tee to work. Don't ever wear so nicely in site as you will get dirty and messy here. =/

What I am trying to emphasize here is that you gotta have passion in blogging and not just blogging because the whole world are blogging too. You seriously need to have the passion to blog about anything you like. And not forgetting my passion is still there after 8 years. (: This is why I love blogging. (:

Spotted the Starbucks Philippines planner for year 2014. It's so pretty! T.T

I know all of you will be bored of me ranting about my life in Manila. But I will be back two weeks from now. Gotta be in Malaysia for 4 days before I am back again in Manila. Hmm...Anyway I will try to put up some photos here to ensure that my post doesn't look dull and boring. Hehe.

Stitch and I in Manila saying holla to everyone! (:

Year end is coming soon and I have not achieved anything yet so far. So sad. I think I need to start thinking about my next year's resolution now. Hmm. (:

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