[Review] Geo Contact Lens ❤

It's always been my favourite brand of contact lens since few years ago. I have been wearing Geo contact lens for quite some time. I love how the colours bring out my look each time I wear them. And thank you HiShop Malaysia for the opportunity to review the contact lenses. *yay*

Geo Lens in Nudy Violet.

Code for Nudy Violet - CH-621.

I was given a pair Geo Lens in Nudy Violet with code CH621. I love how it brings out the colour and I can go around showing people I can look like a "Caucasian" too. *wide grin* I can have purple eyes in reality! I do not have to edit the colour of my eyes using some photo apps in my phone. I can look pretty too in reality. *jump with joy*
Let me pose with my lenses first before I put them on. (: And sorry for the dark eye circle.

Before and after wearing the lenses. :)

It is important to follow a good care lens routine. I have been very particular in taking care of lenses as I work in construction site. There are dusts flying around everyday. So I need to wash them thoroughly. And of course, make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling the lenses. Change the saline solution in your case each time you have stored your lenses. 

If you only wear your lenses once in a while, opt for the daily disposable type which you can use once and throw away after. I will wear my lens every day to work. So I would suggest you guys to try this lens as it can be replaced after a year. RM45.00 for a pair of contact lens that will last you for a year is definitely worth price. (:

Don't worry if you think that wearing that for 12 months isn't good, you can always opt to wear for 3 months or 6 months and I still feel the price is reasonable enough compared to other brands in the market. (: Before I forgot, always look for Geo lens sticker on the bottle as this proves the authenticity of the product. (:

The Geo lens sticker which proves the authenticity of the lenses.

You can look at the difference in before and after wearing the Geo contact lenses. (: My eyes are getting bigger and bolder after wearing the Nudy Violet contact lenses. I love how it doesn't make my eyes feel dry after wearing it for more than 8 hours. This Geo contact lenses is definitely my ultimate choice! (: I will rate the product: 4.5 / 5. Click here to know more about the lenses.

My eyes are getting bigger and bolder after wearing them.

Anyway, to those who wish to purchase Geo Contact Lenses, here's the good news for all. Geo Contact Lenses products will be on 10% discount on HiShop from now till 30th Nov 2013. The price of the Geo Contact Lenses will be now at RM45.00 instead of RM50.00. 

That's not all, my readers will get an exclusive RM20 rebate with minimum purchase of RM99. Type GEO20 and this promotion is valid till 30th November 2013. Go and grab now since they are having such awesome promotion! So why not purchase and try it yourself? I am sure you will pretty love it!

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And thank you for reading! (:

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. However this does not affect my judgement in the review in any way and all opinions expressed are solely my own. 

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