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Thank you HiShop Malaysia for their fast and efficient delivery. I managed to grab hold of the world's million seller beauty item which is sold over 5000 pieces a day in Korea!

Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack

Introducing Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack to all my readers here! It is the best blackhead remover strip and pore tightening program as 3 step system. 

Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack - RM68.00

Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack will get rid of black and whiteheads in the comfort of your own home. With a simple three-step process you can reveal perfect skin and help ensure it stays that way. For the ingredients in these unique masks help control future sebum production, as well as minimizes the appearance of large pores for a flawless finish.

Each box consists of 3 Step System which is 1 Step Mask, 2 Step Mask and Pore Minimizing Essence. 1 Step Mask has 10 sheets followed by 2 Step Mask which has 10 sheets too and a pore minimizing essence in 15 ml. A box of Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack comes with 10 weeks program.

The blackhead and whitehead removal mask contains all sorts of plant extracts which will completely clear up your nose. This provides you moisture and soothes your skin rapidly with the extract of witch hazel. Skinmiso blackhead treatment program controls oil strongly and keeps your skin smooth.
In Step 1, you will remove the bacteria from your pores that produces black and whiteheads, as well as excess oil. As for Step 2, it will moisturize and sooth your skin with a patented formula and witch hazel extract. In Step 3, you will use Beauty Silk Essence, which fills in pores and creates an ultra smooth base for makeup.

· Contains natural ingredients and witch hazel
· Remove excess oils, control future production and reduces pore size
· Creates a perfect base for makeup application

Step 1 - Blackhead and Whitehead Removal Mask (10 Sheets) is used to remove the blackheads.

Step 2 - Contraction and Calming Mask (10 Sheets) is to contract pores. 

Step 3 - Pore Beauty Silky Essence 1 Each (15ml) is to control oil.

Steps on how to use the nose pack. (:

Wash your face with tepid water and stick the first blackhead mask on your nose right in the middle for 10 minutes.

 When using Skinmiso  Pore Beauty Nose Pack, it is possible to feel a bit of tang and you should shorten the time if you think it is a bit too much.

 After 10 minutes, remove the first blackhead mask and remove the leftover blackheads and whiteheads using a cotton swab or our extra selling sebum removal stick.

Using cotton swab to remove the blackheads.

And tadaaa!~~ Here's the picture of my nose after the Step 1 application.

My nose feels a little cleaner after the 1st application. This is because my nose has lesser blackheads which the results weren't that obvious. Perhaps I should do a demo on my friend who has much blackheads on the nose. (:

After that, wash your nose lightly around the area you want to treat and put on the second pore soothing mask for another 10 minutes.

The results after the Step 2 application.

After that, take off  the pore care mask and rub in the essence. Apply the third pore control essence on your nose. Rub the essence into your nose and you are done! (:
Results after the Step 3 application.

The essence was a bit creamy for me and it can be used as a make up base for my face which I find it good. I can actually save money on make up base already. *teehee* 

The results are quite impressive on the first application. I am quite satisfied with it after the Step 1 application even though it did not show obvious results on my nose. My nose did not have much blackheads but indeed it did get rid of those tiny blackheads that I have on my nose. I love how this 3 step system proves me wrong because I have tried thousands of nose packs in the market and nothing seems to be working well on my nose. However, this Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack did magic on my nose and I am quite happy with the results. The price for this nose pack is not too expensive as it's a 10-week program. (:

Rate of the product: 4.5 / 5.

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Anyway, to those who wish to purchase Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack, here's the good news for all. Skinmiso products will be on 15% discount on HiShop from now till 30th Nov 2013. The price of this nose pack will be now at RM57.80 instead of RM68.00. So why not purchase and try it yourself? I am sure you will pretty love it! Guys can also try this nose pack too! (: *heheh*

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