[Event] Hennessy Artistry KL 2013 Party ❤

ALERT! This post will be full of photos! *wide grin*

It was an awesome on last Saturday. I had the opportunity to attend one of the super-clubbing event which was held at MIECC with a bunch of bloggers. It's none other than Hennessy Artistry - The Global Art of Mixing! Fortunate enough to be part of Manoah to attend this event with my girls. (:

Look at the pretty invitation card! I guess I can use the card as the mirror. :P

On that day itself, I chopped my waist-length hair to shoulder-length hair which is why you will see that I had a new transformation on the hair length. (: 

 #ootn - Spaghetti straps and galaxy skirt and my #hotd (hair of the day) - shoulder-length hair! (:

Started the journey to MIECC around 7pm and the traffic was terrible when I arrived at the location. Could not get a parking spot inside because there were long queues at the opposite of the road and managed to get one outside the building. It was my first time to this event and I was so excited for it! *yay*

Took number of photos outside with the giant posters and etc. Every single corner of the place was decorated beautifully. (:

 Taken with the models. (:

 Huge Hennessy words displayed at the registration counter area.

A photo of yours truly at the event. (:

I may sound hooligan here but no choice. This is my first Hennessy Artistry party and of course I would go around taking photos of the places. *hehe* So guys, better bear with me as this post will be full of photos rather than words. Sorry guys!

This party was way too cool. We were then proceeded to the cocktail room where free flow of Hennessy mixed drinks would be served from Hennessy Soda, Hennessy Ginger, Hennessy Apple and Hennessy Berry. Free flow ended at 11 pm so we were given 4 pieces of Hennessy coupon to redeem the glasses of Hennessy after 11pm. Partner and I each had 8 pieces which I doubted that we would finish all of them.

While waiting for the event to start, I managed to spot a huge Hennessy bottle on the entrance of the cocktail room.

It wasn't an ordinary Hennessy bottle but it was a photobooth! Hehe! I can't help but to walk to the place and took a photo of it to keep as memories. (: 

Xiong and I. (: 

As you know, girls always love to take photos during events and this was what I normally do when I have opportunity to grab myself a few shots in the H-Artistry party. (:

Posing with Hennessy Ginger. (:

With Xiong and I. Photo credits to Isaac. (:

An event would not be missed as they had placed a mini 'helicopter' to capture photos of the crowd that night.

Mini helicopter in the house! :P

We were then ushered to the hall where the bloggers were placed in Zone O. Thank god the crowd was not there at the Zone O yet. So while waiting for the rest to reach, I took a few shots of the stage.

The view from Zone O.

A few girlfriends came and we went to the photobooth to take photos again. :P

With Cindy and Siew Cheng.

The crowd was getting more and more and here's another shot of the stage when the event officially started.

NS Yoon-G has worked with top acts like Jay Park on her hit single "If You Love Me". Hacing rocked H-Artistry Hong Kong with her explosive energy earlier this year, K-Pop fans in Malaysia were treated to an unforgettable night of vocal belting and hip-swaying when Yoon-G took stage at the party. She was so slim and beautiful. *drool*

Yoon-G performed at H-Artistry KL. Photo credits to Hennessy Malaysia. 

Photo credits to Hennessy Malaysia. 

Performance from Neon Hitch was a blast. Neon Hitch has established herself as a Billboard chart topper with her single "Love U Betta" and she has performed and collaborated with A-list artists such as Gym Class Heroes on their hit song "Ass Back Home", Ke$ha on "Bla Bla Bla" as well as Bruno Mars and Imogen Heap.

Photo credits to Hennessy Malaysia

Of course, a night would not be complete without photos for us to reminisce. I did not bring my camera along as I find it hard to bring my G-12 to the event like this as I might lose it anytime. So here's a few shots taken using Samsung S4 and iPhone5 with the girls whom I know from previous events. Gotta miss all of them because I will be leaving Malaysia soon. See you girls after 6 months! T.T

Kah Mon and I. (:
Charmaine and I. (:

Yukiko looks cute with her new bangs. (:

Another funny friend I knew - Ashley. 

Jessy and I. Found a friend who is at the same age as me. (:

Bubbly Michelle and I. (:

Choulyin and I. (: 

Siew Cheng and I. (: 

Charmayne, yours truly and Carolyn. (: 

A photo with Michelle and Siew Cheng would not be missed as I remembered the first time we met each other was during Nuffnang's 6th Birthday Bash early this year. Photo credits to Michelle. (:

Last but not least, a photo with the pretty girls from Michelle, Yukiko and Ashley. Photo credits to Michelle. 

Thank you Manoah for having me in this super-clubbing event. Seriously without Manoah, I would not have the opportunity to meet all these awesome girls in events. Anyway, I will see all of you after 6 months. (: Hopefully I will come back to Malaysia after 1 month if I can't get used to the place I am going to work at. I seriously gonna miss my family and friends in Malaysia. Hope you guys will miss me too okay? (: 

Chao. Love you all.

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