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Recently, Shiseido has discovered that no matter how high an SPF you use, there are tiny creases and furrows in your skin's surface that until now, sun protection hasn't been able to reach evenly. Focusing on the uneven surface of the skin, Shiseido identified little gaps between the layer of sun protection and the skin. Adequate protection depends on even application, covering every bit of the skin's surface. As it turns out, this kind of application is surprisingly difficult to achieve.

I attended this My Suncare 360° event organized by Shiseido Malaysia with a bunch of beauty bloggers at The Loaf, Pavilion recently. We were introduced to a new Shiseido suncare product in the market - Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF50+ PA+++. This new product can ensure to have 360-degree of skin protection from the UV rays. *wide grin*

It was a casual private event for the beauty bloggers as we enjoyed chitchatting with the fellow bloggers while enjoying our food and had fun with some of the activities that were organized the other day. One of my favourite activities was caricature session.

Does the cartoon look like me?

Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF50+ PA++++ is a very water-resistant sun protection lotion that provides reliable defense against UV rays while offering advanced skincare benefits Ideal for face and body, and especially formulated for strong sunlight conditions.

Shiseido also held a Snap, Post and Win! contest on Facebook and Instagram from 30th May till 16th June 2014 for their fans. Six winners will stand a chance to win RM1500 worth of Shiseido products by just snapping the photos during 360° of Fun event period and remember to put hashtag at #ShiseidoMySuncare360. The top 3 photo with the most "LIKES" on Facebook and Instagram respectively wins! How cool is that? RM1500 worth of Shiseido products!?!! *jaw drop*

So all of us started snapping photos with the pretty Volkswagen Beetle cars in blue which were parked right outside the Pavilion KL. The light blue is so eye-catchy! :D

L-R: Shivani, Edazz, Shasha and I posing with the Beetle. :D

Refreshments were served to fill up the beauty bloggers' hungry tummies. The pastries and cakes served by The Loaf were damn good.

As usual, girls would take a selfie with their goodie bag. The goodie bag was pretty as it comes with pretty white ribbon and blue rubberized bag. Shiseido Malaysia was so kind to provide us a full size item of Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF50+ PA++++. Thank you so much Shiseido Malaysia! Now I can have new suncare product to play with. (:

A selfie of yours truly. :)

A photo of Shivani and I with Shiseido products. (:

The Loaf was also decorated with yellow flowers and colourful balloons to beautify the event area. (:

Product Review
I took the product home and was too excited that I tried it on the day itself. No matter how carefully you apply it, the sun protection you use may not able to cover your skin completely. I am a girl who apply sunblock / sun protection before I go out everyday. I will not miss this step even though I am only out for half an hour normally. Definitely I am super cautious about UV protection. Since I am from science background, I know how UV harms our skin and body at all time. So it is definitely important to use sun protection with high SPF.


Without proper protection, UV rays, like other skin stressors, cause a decrease of collagen within the dermis. If UV exposure accumulates, collagen levels become distinctly diminished. Shiseido developed the world's first technology for visualizing facial skin's collagen status. This innovation won the top award at the 2012 International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC), the most authoritative congress in the field of cosmetic science. Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF50+ PA++++ features exclusive advanced technologies and ingredients for comprehensive protection against UV rays. It contains Thiotaurine and Rose Apple Leaf Extract* to protect against oxidation damage caused by various external aggressors.

The texture of this Shiseido Perfect UV Protector is light and non-greasy to the skin. When I applied it on my skin, it absorbed pretty well and did not leave any sticky feeling to my face or hands. I dislike suncare products that will leave sticky feeling and oily surface on the skin as I sweat easily. So whenever I sweat a lot, I think all the suncare products on my face will be wiped off from my skin and thus no more sun protection on my skin.

However, with this Shiseido Perfect UV Perfector, it does not leave any oily and sticky feeling to my base because I use it as a makeup base for my daily use. (: With the SuperVeil-UV 36QTM, it provides multi-directional protection against UV damage by deflecting rays from various angles. Profense CEL also helps to protect skin against destructive enzyme activity*, while also defending against UV-induced cell and DNA damage* linked to spots and wrinkles.

Slightly white and cream in colour.
Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF50+ PA++++  is priced at RM130 and I think it's worth getting it as it can be used for body and face as well. I seldom come across suncare products that can be applied on both face and body and some of the suncare products for body will be more sticky and tend to leave strong smell on the skin. As for this, I love this product because it absorbs easily to the skin.

Thank you Shiseido for the pretty towel and the full size of item of Perfect UV Protector. Not forgetting I would like to thank The Butterfly Project for giving me the opportunity to attend such amazing mingling session with the bloggers and Shiseido crews. (: To my readers out there, do remember to apply sunblock / suncare products when you are at outdoors. This is important as the UV rays are very harmful to our skin which can cause skin cancer over the time.

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