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It's been awhile since I go for buffet and this time I am honored to be invited by Living Social, MyDeal and iBuy to attend a food review at Taman Sari Brasserie at Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur last Saturday. Hotel Istana is located at Jalan Raja Chulan with 1 block away from Pavilion shopping mall, 5 minutes walk to Fahrenheit, BB Plaza and other shopping malls, 5 minutes walk to Changkat Bukit Bintang and 10 minutes walk to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) and the Petronas Twin Towers via the skybridge. This 5-star business hotel features 505 well-appointed guestrooms and suites designed to suit every individual's personal and corporate needs. 

Taman Sari which is located at Lobby Level, East Wing is a delightful Brasserie overlooking landscaped gardens and the adjoining swimming pool. It serves a wide range of local and international cuisines. Diners can choose to dine buffet-style or from an extensive ala carte menu. 

Got there around 7 pm and the restaurant was already full. But thank god that we had made reservation on the day before. When I first stepped in, I was fascinated with the food that were served. There were many types of food from desserts, Malay cuisine, Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine and etc. 

I was too hungry that I quickly grabbed a bowl of laksa to try. There were too many types of noodles and soup to choose from. There were clear soup, prawn mee soup, laksa soup and curry soup too. 

Laksa soup tasted just perfectly and it's not that spicy. However the laksa noodles were a bit too soft. 

Selection of noodles and condiments to choose from. *jaw drop* 

Rice Vermicelli, Kuey Teow, Yellow Noodles and Laksa Noodles  

Ingredients to be added in the food. :D

Taman Sari served Malay popiah rolls for the diners. It's been awhile since I tried the Malay popiah rolls. So I had one. It was good except that it was a little bit spicy. FYI, I can't take spicy food. =/ 

The chef was busy preparing the Malay popiahs. 

They also served Indian cuisine from Vegetable Dalcha, Briyani Rice to Tandoori Chicken and etc.

Vegetarian food - Briyani Rice and Vegetable Dalcha


Briyani Rice 

Chicken Kurma

Prawn with Chili Paste "Petai"

Fern Shoot with Coconut Milk 

Tandoori Chicken 

Mussel Thermitor 

Sauteed Potato with Onion and Ball Pepper 

Taman Sari also served Roasted Beef. I don't really eat beef but my plus one loves eating beef. The beef tasted good. 

Selection of sauce for you to choose from for the roasted beef - Rosemary sauce, Spicy BBQ sauce and Black Pepper sauce.

A variety of pasta to serve the diners with variety of ingredients to choose from. I tried the three types of pasta and the one I like the most is the Chicken Bolognaise.

Cream Sauce 

Pasta with cream sauce was bit too soft whereas for the chicken bolognaise, it tasted good and it was right for me. 

Chicken Bolognaise 

As for the Tomato Basil Sauce, it tasted just right for me. :D 

Tomato Basil Sauce 

I would never miss eating rice for sure. So I went to the Chinese cuisine to try out their Chinese style Fried Rice.

Fried Rice "Chinese Style"

Deep Fried Chicken with BBQ sauce was okay except that it was already served cold. It would taste better if the food was served in hot. 

Deep Fried Chicken with BBQ Sauce 

Deep Fried Fish with Chili sauce tasted almost the same like Deep Fried Chicken with BBQ sauce. Except that it was a little bit spicy for me. 

Deep Fried Fish with Chili Sauce 

Seasonal Vegetable with Scallop Sauce

There were breads, baguettes and croissants in the buffet. If only I have my breakfast buffet, definitely breads, baguettes and croissants would be the perfect choice for me to indulge in. 

Abalone Salad was a bit spicy because they added green chili into the salad as well. 

Abalone Salad 

My favourite section for the buffet is the salad  and dessert section. Seriously it will be a waste if you bring me out for buffet because I normally will go for desserts and salads. 

Local Pickles were served too.

Last but not least, desserts time. Too many varieties of desserts to choose from and surprisingly I tried all the desserts. *jaw drop* I am a big fan of desserts and I won't miss any desserts whenever I go for buffet. 

Hot chocolate fondue. 

Marshmallows to be dipped in the hot chocolate. *drool*

Strawberry Pavlova. 

Cream Caramel 

Orange Cheese Cake

Chocolate Caramel Financier 

Pistachio Financier 

Chocolate Fudge Cake 

Mango Mousse 

Strawberry Mousse

Strawberry Mousse Cake 

Overall, the desserts were good. These desserts fixed my cravings that night. I tried all of those desserts that were served. Thank god my plus one willing to share with me or else I would not have the chance to try each of them. 

Sweet Black Glutinous Rice normally known as Bubur Pulut Hitam was served too. :D

Longan Juice and Iced Bandung. 

Ice kacang was served that night but too bad I did not eat because I was not feeling well. I had to skip eating the ice kacang and ice cream too. T.T 

Ice Kacang 

Toppings for the ice kacang.

Strawberry and Yam Ice Cream 

Various Ice cream toppings to be choose from. 

Traditional Handmade Ice Cream 

The food that were served was great but too bad they did not serve Japanese in this restaurant. I am a big fan of Japanese food and normally I would prefer to go for buffet that has Japanese cuisine. However, I am contented enough because I get to try various food from Malay, Western, Chinese and Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine was something new for me as I have never really seen Indian cuisine in buffet style. This is good for tourists for those who wish to try our Malaysian food. :D Overall review: 4/5. 

Buffet breakfast: 6 - 10.30 am (Daily) 
Buffet Breakfast Weekends and Public Holidays: 6 - 11am 
Buffet Lunch: 12 pm - 2.30 pm (Daily) 
High Tea: 12.30 pm - 3.30 pm (Sat/Sun/PH)
Dinner 6.30pm - 10.30 pm

For more information, call 03-2141 9988 ext 3667 or visit their website: http://www.hotelistana.com.my/dine-taman. Thank you Living Social, iBuy and MyDeal for the opportunity. (:

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