Whitening The Right Way With L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10 Cream ❤

I know girls are pretty obsessed with girls who have fairer skin and flawless complexion. So do I. I always envy of girls who have smooth and flawless complexion and most of them do not use expensive beauty products in their skincare routine. I tried several whitening and brightening products at the same ever since I got back from Philippines. The weather in Philippines was so hot that it burnt my skin and turned tanned. I was tanned when I reached Malaysia and I was pretty upset because I want my fair skin back like those days.

The big difference of the skin tone on my thighs and my hands. =/

Even though I tried several sunblocks back in Philippines but some of these products did not seem to help prolly because it functioned as sun protection and not whiten the skin. So a week after I got back from there, I was introduced to several beauty drinks that will help to smoothen and at the same time even out my skin tone. Believe it or not, I tried that beauty drinks and it reduced the pimples on my skin and even out my skin tone after a month.

A month after the supplies were finished, I continued to my skincare routine and bought a set of brightening range products to brighten up my complexion. Since I have dull complexion in addition to the tan skin look, I definitely need to brighten out my face. The brightening products turned out to be pretty good for the first few weeks and it decided not to give any effects on my skin anymore. Prolly my skin is already immune to the product.

My skin eventually got back to normal just like before I went to Philippines that time and I tried several sunblocks to protect my skin from UV rays. However some of the products (especially the makeup base, sun block, BB cream and etc turned out to create some oiliness on my face after a day at work). Some of products claimed to be oil-free and shine-free but it did not work even after a few hours exposing to sun. 

However, two weeks ago I received a whitening product from L'Oreal Paris which is the L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10 Cream. L'Oreal Paris Whitening has everything you need for a perfectly bright complexion. Every girl I know wishes to have bright and radiant complexion and that includes me as well. Knowing that UV protection and oil-free plays a role in helping skin maintain its natural glow, L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10 Day Cream Moisturiser came to rescue our skin. The cream not only delivers whitening action deep within the skin, it also protects the surface of your skin from UV-induced darkening and excess oil production.

 L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10 Day Cream Moisturizer. 

With this whitening cream, great skin is easy to achieve with just one product packed with 10 multi-action whitening and oil-control benefits. 

- Instant glow
- Fairer skin
- Even tone
- Anti-dark spots
- Anti-shine effects
- Anti-pollution anti-UVA
- Anti-UVB
- Anti-oxidation
- Anti-oiliness effect

L'Oreal Research has developed an advanced formula that combines 3 Vitamins (E, B3 & C) known to act in skin layers to help control melanin. DERMO-SHIELD complex to help protect the skin from several causes of darkening.

Before applying. (:

 Remove the blue stopper.

The cream's texture is a bit light and non-greasy. It does not make your face looked so oily and greasy when the cream is applied on the face. Remember to press slightly onto your finger and spread thinly on your face except for the eyes area.

Place the right amount of cream on your face. 

It's not the ordinary white or beige color cream. This whitening cream comes in lilac color and it's my favourite color! *wide grin* 

Remember to spread it evenly on your face. Do avoid eye area.

I love how it is easily absorbed onto my skin when I rubbed it with my middle and ring finger. You won't feel any sticky on your fingers after applying. After the first application, the skin instantly glows and even out my skin tone (except for the eye area as I did not apply around the eye area.

First time application. 

I applied the cream in the morning and during the night, my skin still glows and to my surprise, the skin did not excrete much oil causing my face oily and shiny. At the same, I feel the cream actually even out my skin tone and both of skin glows naturally. I did not apply blusher on my face and it brightens up some areas on my face and my skin did not look dull. 

After 3rd day of application. My skin turns fairer and brighter. Yay! :D

I put on the L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10 Cream in the morning and in the evening, I had to attend wedding dinner. Surprisingly no oil formed on my skin and I do not have to cleanse my face again before applying my makeup and whatsoever. Eventually I just pat on some face powder and put on brown eyeshadow on my eyes and that's it. I did not put any blusher anymore as I have red cheeks which acted like blusher. I do not have dull looking skin like previously anymore.

Since I had to avoid eye area when applying the whitening cream, I had to put on eye concealer to conceal the dark circle around my eyes. So you can see that not much difference can be seen from the eye area. Spots are getting lesser

I also tried applying the whitening cream on my hand to see the instant results.

You will see the results on my hand as I applied the whitening cream on half of my hands and leave the other side to show the difference. (:

The skin gets brighter after one application. Amazing right?

Overall, L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10 Cream works well as a moisturizer and whitening agent for the skin. I have been using for a week now and I love how it makes my skin appears brighter and less oil or shiny. I can see the difference on my skin as I do not have to put on blusher on both of cheeks anymore. If you too want to see the difference on your skin, try it yourself and I believe that you will be amazed with the results. :) White Perfect Total 10 Day Cream Moisturizer is now available at major pharmacies, supermarkets and beauty stores at RM39.90 for 50ml.

For more information about L'Oreal, check out their social media platform:
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Disclaimer: Photos taken above are not edited and the product was sent to me for review purposes. However this does not affect my judgement in the review in any way and all opinions expressed are solely my own.

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