Starlight Cinema x Samsung Galaxy Life - Movie Experience Under The Stars ❤

Samsung GALAXY Life collaborated with Starlight Cinema to bring you the ultimate movie-going experience under the stars and moon! I planned to go on Friday night since I was busy on Saturday night and the traffic was bad but thank god I was not late for the movie.

Here I am at the entrance redeeming my Starlight Cinema movie passes. 

To those who are Samsung smartphone users, good news to you guys. you can download Galaxy Life app in your phone to entitle for free movie passes to this amazing outdoor movie experience at Starlight Cinema which is located at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club. 


In Starlight Cinema, you will get to experience a giant-sized movie screen with a state-of-the-art surround sound. Be careful if you have a weak heart. :P Last Friday it was a Friday double fright night movie special which were The Paranormal Activity (The Marked Ones) and The Conjuring.

Since it's an outdoor cinema, you will have to bring your own picnic mat, pillows or beanbags to enjoy your gigantic size movie screen with the rest. Apart of that, do remember to bring paper fan in case you are afraid of hot weather. That night the weather was amazing that I did not sweat much even though I was wearing long pants. (:  

Other than that, they do have food and drink carts for us to indulge in food while enjoying our movie night under the stars. Samsung Galaxy Life collaborated with a few food and drinks merchants such as Coffea Coffee, My Burger Lab, Gong Cha, Crazy Potato, Pizza Hut, Burger Kaw Kaw, Sub 18 Gelato, Bad Boy Cooks, Project C, 7 Eleven and many more. 

My partner in crime just bought his Note 3 three weeks ago and immediately I asked him to download the app as the Galaxy Life app you will also enjoy great savings from other participating merchants apart from those in Starlight Cinema. So both of us ordered each of the burgers from My Burger Lab, Crazy Potato and Gong Cha drinks to satisfy our hungry tummy. 

 Was queuing for my favourite Winter Melon from Gong Cha truck. (:

Both of us ordered the same drinks since it's our favourite. (:

This Starlight Cinema was once a paintball field has turned into an ourdoor cinema for us to enjoy.

We then walked over to the My Burger Lab stall to redeem our free burgers. I ordered the chicken burger while my partner in crime ordered the beef burger.

Beef Burger from My Burger Lab. 

Redeeming my burger from My Burger Lab. *om nom nom*

There are a few participating merchants that I did not go to because I was too full to have all the food and drinks. The burger from My Burger Lab alone already filled my hungry tummy apart from the Crazy Potato and Gong Cha. Hmm.

Bad Boy Cooks

Pizza Hut

Had not really tried the fries from Crazy Potato. So I decided to queue for this.

Sour Cream Flavour. (:
Finally I got to sit down and enjoy The Paranormal Activity with my food on the grass. The sky was beautiful that night with the big and round moon and starts in the sky.


 Once the movie of Paranormal Activity ended, we walked around to look at the other participating merchants and redeemed our free latte from Coffea Coffee. The queue was quite long at the 7 Eleven truck, so we decided to skip that.

You get to redeem free Slurpie from 7-Eleven. (:

A photo of yours truly with the huge-size screen at Starlight Cinema.

Thanks to Samsung GALAXY Life for the awesome outdoor movie experience! :D

While waited for next movie, we queued at the Coffea Coffee to redeem our free latte. Am not really a big fan of coffee but I tried their latte that night and it was good. :D

The movie started as soon as we redeemed our coffee and we rested awhile while watching the movie. You would get to hear the sound of the movie from far because of the good surround system around the cinema.

Doors open at 6 pm each night to allow time for you to settle in. There will be tons of activities and delicious food on offer as well as a flea market for a quick bit of shopping before the movie starts.

Here's some of the run down of what to expect at Starlight Cinema from 13th to 21st June 2014. For more info, visit their website here:

For a more detailed view of all movies, including trailers, descriptions and show times, click here.

Do you want to join in the fun to watch movies under the stars? You can still watch the movies for FREE from 13th June till 21st June by downloading the GALAXY life app here: and redeem the movie passes for free. :) See you guys around! :D

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