[Event] Vaseline "Dry Skin Restored" Campaign ❤

Two weeks ago, Vaseline Malaysia launched the 'Dry Skin Restored' campaign to educate Malaysians with the aim of addressing the low level of awareness and priority amongst Malaysins on the benefits of keeping their moisturized at Delicious Cafe, One Utama Shopping Centre.

Miss Yen Nie, Brand Manager of Vaseline and Miss Deenie Ong, Assistant Brand Manager of Vaseline with their Vaseline Total Moisture range.

Causes of skin dryness such as long hours spent in air-conditioned or dry environment encountered during travels are familiar to many Malaysians. Vaseline survey reveals that 56% of Malaysian women still do not moisturize their body regularly, despite 90% of them declaring that moisturizing is important. Further survey indicated that a majority of respondents did not take moisturizing seriously, claiming that they did not have time for moisturizing (61%).

I was there quite early and managed to chitchat with Arpita. I always see her in Butterfly Project events but never really have the chance to talk to her. It was nice meeting and talking to you babe! (: 

Arpita and I. (:

We were then ushered to the media area to witness the launch of the campaign shortly. Miss Xandria Ooi was the host of the day. 'Dry Skin Restored' campaign is embarked to highlight to Malaysians the importance of protecting themselves from skin dryness and to educate them that body moisturising is not a lifestyle choice but a daily necessity. It should be part of their daily regime to keep their skin moisturised and protected from the effects of their daily environment, such as walking out of the office for lunch or sitting in an air-conditioned room for hours everyday, all of which can dry a person's skin. 

We want to make Malaysians realise the significance of how these factors can affect their skin's moisture level in just 24 hours," said Deenie Ong, Assistant Brand Manager Vaseline, Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd at the launch of the campaign.

The Vaseline Total Moisture range contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera, oat and cocoa butter and an innovative technology, Stratys-3® to deliver extended moisturization to the skin. Specifically, Stratys-3® is a revolutionary multi-layer complex that infuses and suspends moisture while delivering nourishment across skin's top, core and deep down layers of skin* without sticky feeling.

Right after the launch, media who attended the event were taken on a tour of the Dry Skin Restored roadshow held at the concourse of the 1-Utama Shopping Centre.

We were brought to experience the three specially constructed rooms that replicated environment commonly experienced by Malaysians that lead to dry skin. 

Prior to entering the rooms, each of us took a skin moisture test to enable us to compare the moisture levels before and after entering the rooms. The first room replicated Malaysia's hot, humid weather, the second one on air-conditioned room and the third one a hot shower - all of which dry the skin. 

 Sarah was testing on her skin moisture level.

We were also introduced to Vaseline's Total Moisture range and had a hands-on opportunity to enjoy the lotion's effectiveness at combating skin dryness. 

Miss Xandria Ooi, host of the day. She is gorgeous! :D

I also had my skin tested for moisture and the reading showed at 50.4% which was quite high. I am a big fan of body lotion and I always apply before I go out. I used to have rough skin back in those days and skin was peeling off that I decided to go for this habit of applying body lotion since then.

My skin moisture level is 50.4%. *wide grin*

Vaseline has different range of products which suits your skin. I love the yellow and the whitening range as usual.

Let's get started on  the path of regular body moisturization  and continue making body moisturisation a part of our daily routine so that dry skin will become a thing of the past. (:

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