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I was given the opportunity to review a beauty box from Modbox. Thank you Miss Jess from Modbox for the opportunity. To those who don't know, Modbox is one of the most affordable beauty box in Malaysia because it's priced at RM9 only. Can you believe that? It's only RM9.

When I first came across this beauty box, I was surprised because no such beauty box will be priced at RM9. However, Modbox helps you to discover and sample new beauty products in Malaysia. Modbox hunts down great beauty products for you to try before you buy. You will get to try those sample products before spending your hard-earned money on full-sized items.

It's cool isn't it?

In Modbox, all you have to do is to choose 3 beauty samples across 3 categories. You can try the new products that catch your interest in the website too. Remember to select your samples and pay for your order when you checkout. (: You get to choose the samples that you want to try, so you don't have to worry about unexpectedly getting something that's totally not your style.

Modbox Blogger Kit consists of Bifesta Eye Makeup Remove, Dentiste Plus White Nightime Toothpaste, Human Nature Overnight Elixir, Shaire London Dry Shampoo and Miacare Acne Patch. 

Shaire London Fragrance Free Dry Shampoo - RM35.90 (60ml)

Clean, condition and reinvigorate your limp, greasy locks with this dry shampoo. Enriched with seaweed extracts, it also repairs and strengthen roots, while preventing split ends
To use, spray it evenly on your hair and scalp. 

Tried out the Dry Shampoo when my hair was super oily especially when I was sweating a lot. After my work, I sprayed this evenly on my hair and surprisingly the hair did not turn oily and greasy as before. I can finally use this for dinner dates or evening meetings especially when I do not have the time to go back home and wash my hair. 

Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover - RM26.90 (145ml)

This water-based eye makeup remover gently lifts and effectively removes stubborn eye makeup without you having to rub your delicate eye area like a maniac. It contains Vitamin B and E for added skin care while removing makeup. It also has hypo-allergenic formulation which is suitable for all skin types.


I always love Bifesta products as they are water-based remover which will not clog my pores. I love how I can wipe the makeup with only one cotton pad and all my mascara and eyeliner can be removed easily! To use, soak a cotton pad and place it against your eye. After letting it sit for a while, use gentle downward strokes to remove makeup. This can also be used for lips too. 

Human Nature Overnight Elixir - RM129.90 (30ml)

This 100 % natural overnight serum features 9 of  the most luxurious, purest botanical oils that will moisturise, soothe, clear and lighten skin. To use, apply 4 drops of the serum after cleansing and toning. Use your middle and ring fingers, massage into face in gentle, upward strokes. 

One of my favourite overnight serum at this moment. This serum did not make my skin oily at night even after applying it. The next day, I can actually see the radiant and softer skin within one night. Over the time, I can see the smoother skin in just 7 days!

Dentiste Plus White Nightime Toothpaste - RM25.90 (160g)

Bad morning breath is a result of bacteria multiplying in a high-speed fashion while you are fast asleep. Banish it once and for all. Featuring 14 natural extracts that are antiseptic and antibacterial, this toothpaste naturally increases saliva flow to prevent bacteria from multiplying. Not only will you have fresher morning breath, you will also have healthier gums, cleaner mouth and better relationships. 

I tried this toothpaste before. I love it a lot because I need it for fresher breath everyday. However I find it a bit pricey for a toothpaste. So I have to forgo my intention of getting this toothpaste. However I seriously love the smell of the toothpaste because it's very minty and I love anything to do with mint. :P

Miacare Acne Patch - RM9.90 (12 patches)

Pimples seem to have an annoying habit of popping up before special occasions and big meetings. Fret no more! This miracle acne patch discreetly hides pimples and is highly invisible, so you can wear it under your makeup. Not only that, it also works to absorb all the icky pus at the same time for lightning-quick healing. To use, clean acne area and apply patch directly to acne. 

Do not have pimples at this moment. So I gave it to my sister to try. (: 

Overall, I find that this beauty box is worth investing because you do not to spend few hundreds for a particular beauty box. On the other hand, you get to pick whatever samples you like based on the 3 categories to suit your style. You do not have to feel wasted over products that you don't like in a beauty box which requires you to burn a hole in pocket. You can also try out the particular new products that you have never heard of by just trying out their samples first before deciding on full-sized items.

If you need any additional information, do check out their website at: http://modbox.com.my/.

Disclaimer: Photos taken above are not edited and the product was sent to me for review purposes. However this does not affect my judgement in the review in any way and all opinions expressed are solely my own. 

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