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Hello readers! Based on my title above, I am going to talk about my locks again. When it comes to hair, I would do anything for it. Almost everyday I had hair treatment / hair mask on my hair to ensure that my hair is smooth and soft most of the time.

The condition of my hair at this moment. =/
I am aware that my hair is quite damaged since I dye my hair quite often. My hair is quite frizzy and there's a lot of baby hair around the hair line. =/  Whenever I dye my hair, I will put a lot of hair serum / hair mask especially at the ends of my hair as this is where it causes dryness to my hair and lead to more split ends. But still it didn't work well on my locks. =(
A month back I went for treatment which I have been dying to try it out - MoltoBene Deep Layer Moisture Treatment!

MoltoBene Deep Layer Moisture Treatment. Photo credits to MoltoBene Malaysia & Brunei Facebook
I heard so much about this treatment from my friends and decided to try out the treatment at Pro Hairdressing Team salon which is located at Taipan USJ.

The crowd on Sunday at Pro Hairdressing Team salon. (:
FYI, Deep Layer Moisture treatment is exclusively used in professional hair saloons and it is a 5-step hair treatment that delivers effective repair on damaged hair as well as provides ultimate softness and moisture to the hair. 

Selfie time while washing hair :P 
I always enjoy hair wash in the saloon as they always massage my shoulders to ease the stiffness around my shoulders and of course the scalp too. Feel so good! *love* This Deep Layer Moisture treatment contains Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine which effectively gives moisture to highly damaged hair, repair inner and outer hair component with water-repellent coat the surface of hair.

This 5-step hair treatment is able to give superb moisture effect to hair. (:

Step 1 - Penetrate
Step 1 contains a high molecule hydrolysed keratin which helps to penetrate into the damaged hole in the hair since we are frequently exposed to hair chemicals services such as dyeing, perming or rebonding. 

The stylist divide the hair into a few smaller sections and applied the treatment cream onto my hair. Then she massaged each sections of the hair so that each strands of hair is able to absorb the treatment cream well. It is then left for about 10 - 15 minutes before rinsing off. 

Step 2 - Combination and Step 3 - CMC Repair
The next 2 steps are done at the hair washing station with similar massage techniques but different treatments creams. Step 2 is required to bind the Kerataide with hair peptide to fill in the hair gap between the damaged holes. 

Meanwhile Step 3 is done to repair the ingredients that are settled onto hair by nano-CMC-like ingredients and Pellicles®. This formulation helps Kerataide® molecule gets bigger by combining each other to strengthen the inner hair. 

Step 4 - Film and Step 5 - Coat 
Each step normally requires about 10 - 15 minutes only and it is able to work well on your hair. After that, it's time to proceed to Step 4 and Step 5 which are the last two steps. Step 4 is used to lock the Step 1 - 3 repair component and prevent dryness. 

As for the Step 5, it contains Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine, a polyfunctional hybrid polymer which coats the surface of hair to keep / protect the repair results. This treatment can last for a week or two depending on how frequent you wash your hair. 

The results after using the Deep Layer Moisture treatment! (: 
I got a shock when I witnessed the results myself. My hair instantly feel smooth, soft and light after using the Deep Layer Moisture treatment. 

Let the photo below to do the talking: 

The before and after results! (: 
Deep Layer Moisture treatment gives inner and outer repair to my hair and leads to strong beautiful hair. I can flip my smooth and silky hair everywhere I go now! *wide grin* 

I always love the super bouncy and soft hair whenever I go for hair treatment in hair saloon. (: 
My hair feels smooth the next day as well. I did not apply any hair serum onto my hair and my hair is still smooth and silky the next day. I feel so good with the treatment. Since I have thick hair, I feel its super light after the treatment. I can feel the texture and it't super awesome to feel it with my own hands. I can just run through my hair with fingers only. *yay*

Smooth and silky hair even the next day! *jaw drop*
To know more about the treatment, go and check out at Pro Hairdressing Team salon Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ProHairdressingTeam or follow them on Instagram: www.instagram.com/prohairdressingteam

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