[Tips and Tricks] How To Achieve Smooth and Silky Hair? ❤

Hello readers! I used to have frizzy and dry hair when I was young. Since then I have been taking care of my hair. My hair is manageable right now which I am proud of. Today I will be sharing tips on how to achieve smooth and silky hair. 

As you guys know we often see our hair as a reflection of our identity because it is both personal and public. Many women feel that a bad hair day equals a bad day. When a woman's hair is too fine, too dry, frizzy, turning grey or falling out, her self-esteem is seriously affected. So do I. I feel the same way too. 

Let me show you some tips on how to achieve smooth and silky hair. It's important to follow these 3 steps in taking care of your hair - Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask. Many of us skipped the last step but it is essential to apply mask on your hair twice a week as it helps to repair damaged or dry hair which are caused by frequent hair blow and hair dye. 

Before I forget, let me introduce you this set of products from Moist Diane - "Extra Shine" range which I will be using these products to share my tips and tricks on how to achieve smooth and silky hair. 

Moist Diane Extra Shine range
I can never say 'NO' to products which provides extra shine and moisture to my hair. So when I first came across this, I was keen to try it out. *winkz* This Extra Shine range from Moist Diane contains 8 types of oils and 3 fruit extracts such as Moroccan Argan Oil, Baobab Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Marula Oil, Andiroba Oil, Lupine Oil, Virgin Plum Oil, Mango Seeds Oil, Lime Pearl Oil, Superox-C and Dragon Fruit extracts, which delivers shiny and more healthy hair. This range is perfect for people who have frizzy and dull hair like me. 

Moist Diane Shiny Shampoo 
Moist Diane Shiny Shampoo Extra Shine is a non-greasy oil shampoo with advanced fiber technology for younger, healthier and shinier hair. The mesh-structured Phyto Fiber repairs rough and fragmented cuticles, allowing deep penetration of nano particles for repairing and moisturising of the hair. 

This clear-coloured shampoo also contains virgin coconut oil and 3 types of fruit extracts with astonishing beauty effects to provide excellent shine.

Thoroughly wet the scalp and hair with warm water and pump one to two drops into palms. Remember to apply evenly through hair and massage the hair into a rich lather. Rinse it off thoroughly after that. Try to stroke your wet hair properly as to avoid tangles on your hair. 

Moist Diane Shiny Treatment / Conditioner
After shampooing the hair, the next step would be using the Moist Diane Shiny Treatment Extra Shine, also known as conditioner to repair your hair. This conditioner with the fiber technology coats damaged cuticles, smoothing and uneven hair surface for better light reflection. This gives shine and enhances hair brightness for a youthful look. 

Thoroughly wet the scalp and hair with warm water and pump one to two drops into palms. Remember to apply evenly through hair and massage the hair. Leave it on for awhile before rinsing it off thoroughly. You will feel an instant smoothness and softness on your hair after washing it. 

Try to towel dry hair to remove excess water before applying hair mask which is the next step.

Moist Diane Shiny Hair Mask
Moist Diane Extra Shine Hair Mask intensively restore dull and lifeless hair by repairing damaged and peeled cuticles which gives bounce and resilience to hair. It also locks in moisture deep within each strand, nourishing hair roots for lustrous shine. I enjoy applying mask thrice a week as my hair is constantly exposed to hot air from the hair dryer. 

What I normally do is that I target my hair mask on the ends of my hair as that's where the split ends occur most of the time. Partly because I dyed my hair previously and I seldom trim my hair which leads to many split ends. 

Leave on for 5 to 7 minutes before rinsing it off. I like the texture of the hair mask and it felt smooth when i apply the mask on my hair. 

Towel dry and blow dry your hair after rinsing the hair wash. It is advisable to apply hair protectant serum / oil before using the hair dryer to avoid further damage on the hair. Try to brush your hair with wide-tooth comb to remove the unwanted tangles. The best part of using Moist Diane Extra  Shine range is that I do not have to use wide-tooth comb to comb my wet hair. I can just blow dry my hair and run them with my fingers. *wide grin* 

Notice the difference after using the Moist Diane Extra Shine? 
Softer and smoother hair! (:
You will notice the difference of your hair in terms of shine and softness. I can feel the smoothness and softness immediately after drying my hair. My hair is more on the oily side. Normally my hair will become oily and greasy after few hours. My hair doesn't feel greasy with this Moist Diane Extra Shine and in fact it adds bounce to my hair making it more healthy. 

Oily and flat hair on the left. Softer and more bouncy on the right (: 
You can get the visible results with Moist Diane Extra Shine. This range is suitable for all hair types especially dull and lifeless hair because it comes with advanced fiber technology. Results that it restores dull and lifeless hair, promotes shine for healthy looking locks, detangles hair and moisturises / repair damaged hair. 

I hope that the tips above can help you to achieve smooth and silky hair. With the good shampoo, conditioner and mask, I am pretty sure you are able to get smooth and silky hair in no time! :D Moist Diane is now available in Watsons Malaysia.

Say hello to smooth and silky hair with Moist Diane! :D
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