Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation Workshop ❤

It's been a great pleasure to attend a workshop organised by Shiseido Malaysia on a Saturday morning. I always love Shiseido products especially their Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate which boost skin's multi-defensive powers while helping to strengthen its resistance to day-to-day damage and signs of ageing. 

But this time, the workshop is not about Shiseido skincare. It's more on their makeup products that is the new foundation - Shiseido Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation which was launched a month ago. Let me tell you girls - this is not an ordinary liquid foundation that you can find on the cosmetic counters / shelves but this foundation synchronises with each individual skin type to uncover its beauty potential. 

Shiseido Synchro Skin Liquid Lasting Foundation
So how does this foundation works? Continue reading this blog for more information. *winkz* 

When considering the next big shift in makeup technology, Shiseido imagined a foundation that would appear differently on every face, adapt to each skin tone and recognize skin conditions - makeup that was able to synchronize with the skin's individual qualities, beautifying it instead of covering it up.

Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation in red colour packaging
During the workshop, we need to remove our makeup and try out the foundation on our skin.

L-R: Translucent Loose Powder, Perfecting Stick Concealer, Glow Enhancing Primer and Perfect Foundation Brush
I removed only one side of my face with the makeup remover. After removing the makeup, I was given the Shiseido Ultimune to apply on my face before applying makeup. I left the one side of the makeup on my face removed because I wanted to see the difference on the current foundation I used and the Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation. 

Before applying the foundation, we first tested out the right shade of foundation which is suitable for my skin.

I picked the Golden 3 shade to test out on my skin. The bouncy texture blends well onto the skin easily and you can build your desired coverage with additional layers of the foundation.

Before we started off with the foundation, we applied the Glow Enhancing Primer from Shiseido. I love this texture of primer as it gives softer skin and brings out the glow on the skin before applying the foundation.

Glow Enhancing Primer
This is then followed by applying foundation on the face. I love the airy cushion formula that makes my skin look flawlessly natural and it spreads smoothly on my skin. The revolutionary structure of Powder Network helps give the foundation an extraordinary light, smooth texture as though forming a thin, even veil over the skin.

My skin looks undoubtedly natural as if I did not apply any foundation on my skin.
After the foundation, if you have dark eye circles or any blemishes concern, you can use the Perfecting Stick Concealer to cover up the blemishes or dark eye circles.

Shiseido Perfecting Stick Concealer
Next it would be applying Loose Powder to ensure that the foundation stays on skin and last longer. I choose to pat some powder on my T-zone area as normally it will become oily fast. 

After applying loose powder on top of the foundation (:
This Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation comes in 16 colours to satisfy wider range of skin tones, taking care of women around the globe which is good! (: This intelligent, long-lasting foundation enhances your complexion, making it beautifully vibrant. 

You may see from the photo below that the skin with the foundation of Brand X tends to look slightly cakey after a few hours and this is different as compared with the Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation. Skin with Shiseido Synchro Skin is undoubtedly more flawless and natural looking which enhances my complexion. (: 

It has a unique technology that works with skin to bring out its best:

1. Synchronisation with skin condition 
Advanced Sensing Technology
Long lasting effects - Adapting to people's individual skin type and condition. Shiseido's technology brings out and maintains your healthiest-looking skin, with an immaculate finish. 

Micro-Fit Polymer 
It is thought that Micro-Fit Polymer repels oil (sebum) and water (sweat) and that Sebum Absorbing Powder absorbs them, so the smooth, just-applied-looking finish lasts for hours. 

Time Match Powder 
This powder is made for reflecting the optimal amount of light for the amount of oil (sebum). With less oil (sebum), it increases clarity, for a spectacular reflection that creates more luster. With more oil (sebum), it becomes semi-transparent and reflections are diffused. 

2. Synchronisation with skin tone 
Enhancing each skin tone to achieve its most beautiful, healthy look. The new technology creates light that plays up skin's beauty, without covering it up

Transparent Correcting Polymer 
It is thought that this polymer lets natural skin tones show through while correcting unevenness like pores and roughness, for a natural, healthy look in light.

Transparent Color Pigment EX
It is thought that this pigment produces clear, brilliant colors without dullness the moment it is applied on skin.

3. Texture that comforts and inspires confidence

Airy Cushion Formula
The revolutionary structure of Powder Network that helps give the foundation an extraordinary light, smooth texture, as though forming a thin, even veil over the skin. When the foundation fixes to the skin, it is believed to form a thinner veil than conventional liquid foundation. It fits evenly over the skin, for a finish that feels as feather-light and smooth as a powdery foundation.

4. Ingredients with skin-supporting power 
Formulated with skincare ingredients selected for their abilities to maintain skin's healthy-looking, optimal state.

Hypericum Extract 
Diminishes roughness to help normalise turnover*, for a beautifully smooth complexion. 

Mother of Thyme extract 
Provides anti-oxidant protection against environmental stressors that cause dry skin. 

Hydro-Sensing Polymer+Glyceline 
Moisturizing ingredients that keep moisture and help retain them

Shiseido team was sweet enough to sketch my face and framed the potrait of myself for us to bring home. The photo might look not the same as me but I like how they put effort to come out with the sketch of my face in detail. (:

Don't be surprised to see this! *heheh*
Of course, I will not miss taking photos with some of my friends whom I have not seen for ages. 

Alicia and I (: 

Elvina and I (:

Anyway after the event ended, I literally went out with that look (one side with foundation of Brand X and the other with Shiseido Synchro Skin). LOL!  I should have removed my makeup on the other side of the face. But luckily I did not because I managed to test out how my both side of my face lasted with the brand X and Shiseido Synchro Skin foundation. To my surprise, the one with the brand X looks more oily at the end of the day especially on my T zone area.

I seriously fell in love with this product and for those who are interested to try this Synchro Skin foundation out, they are now available at all the Shiseido counters nationwide. You can also try the products for free by getting the samples on their Facebook page here:

So enjoy reading this and thank you for reading! I would like to thank Shiseido Malaysia team for having me to experience this Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation during the workshop. See ya'll in the next post! xx

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