Sasa Malaysia Dermoscience Lab Roadshow ❤

Sasa is having its Dermoscience Lab roadshow from 9th May till 15th May 2016 at North Court, Midvalley Megamall being the only retailer offering a one-stop location featuring the most comprehensive range of dermaceuticals skincare brands worldwide with participation from international brands. 

Credits to Sasa Malaysia official website.
What is dermaceutical products? A combination of dermatological and pharmaceutical, they are specifically-designed skincare developed with the skills of pharmaceutical science with its clinically-proven results. 

With the focus of providing solutions for all skin-concerns, Dermoscience Lab are focused on the most common 6-key skin concerns faced by consumers.

6-Key Skin Concerns 
  • Hydration
  • Brightening (Whitening) 
  • Anti-Aging 
  • Blemish Control
  • Pore Solution 
  • UV Care
For each concern, Sasa has identified the ultimate solution for all concerns with international renowned brands - Skin Doctors from Australia, The Face Inc formulated from France, Dr. G from Korea, Dr Wu & Neogence from Taiwan and b.liv from Singapore.

Skin Doctors. Credits to Sasa Malaysia official website.
The Face Inc. Credits to Sasa Malaysia official website. 
Neogence. Credits to Sasa Malaysia official website.
Dr G. Credits to Sasa Malaysia official website.
Dr Wu. Credits to Sasa Malaysia official website.
b.liv. Credits to Sasa Malaysia official website.
In providing a personalised approach to skincare, Sasa will be using the latest skin analysis device from Korea to assist in diagnosing any skin concerns that one may be facing for a more accurate solution. The device analysis will be carried out during the Dermoscience Lab roadshow in North Court, Midvalley and subsequently in most of the Sasa stores. 

Free skin analysis during the roadshow. Photo credits to Shivani (:
That's not all, you can also answer a few simple questions at the sampling machine and redeem awesome gifts during the roadshow. (: 

Sampling booth machine. Credits to Sasa Malaysia official website.
Sasa will be having their Dermascience Lab promotion from now till 23rd May 2016 in all Sasa stores nationwide. For more information, do check out their Facebook page:

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