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I had the chance to review this Makeup Magic Box from Althea. I'm sure most of you would have known that Althea is no.1 digital destination for all things related to K-Beauty. If you are looking for unusual stuffs from Korea that you are not able to get it in Malaysia, Althea is the perfect place to shop.

This Makeup Magic Box will transform your look which you can achieve a small face, big eyes, smooth skin and plump lips. There will be a definite change without actual procedures or surgeries. 

Makeup Magic Box
This box consists of W.Lab Colour Master Cover Kit, The Saem Eco Soul Contour Palette, Aritaum Sugarball Velvet Blusher, Etude House My Beauty Tool Eyelash Long, Beauty People Fix Pearl Pigment Pact, It's Skin Baby Face Creamy Lip Liner, a;t Fox Lip and Cheek Designer Pencil. 

Let me start off with W.Lab Colour Master Cover Kit. This Colour Master Cover Kit from W.Lab is another product that everyone should try. This mini palette consists of 6 colour correctors which are used to conceal the imperfections and correct skin tone. 

W.Lab Colour Master Cover Kit
The texture on the other hand is not creamy. It glides onto the skin easily with one swipe. This is a concealer. It comes in 6 colours - base purple, base green, concealer ivory, concealer beige, highlighter pink and shading brown

Swatches of the Colour Master Cover Kit
Here's the photo which I have extracted from Althea website on the tips on how to conceal and correct the skin tone. 

I have reddish skin around my nose and cheek area. So what I do is to apply a generous amount of Base Green on my cheek and nose area to cover up the redness on my face. I applied Base Purple around my under eye area to brighten up that area since I have super dark eye circles. 

Before using W.Lab Colour Master Cover Kit
I use both fingers and my Beauty Blender to spread the colour on my face and it works perfectly fine on both fingers and beauty blender. It spreads quite evenly on my face. The texture is not creamy so it's easier to spread with fingers and followed by beauty blender to smoothen the lines. 

After the W.Lab Colour Master Cover Kit usage. 
Do you notice the difference on my forehead and cheek area? My cheek area is definitely brighter than the forehead after using the colour corrector palette from W.Lab. After the conceal and correct application, you can proceed to applying foundation on your face before setting it with face powder to make your face look matte and flawless.

After-setting-the-face-with-powder look 
Next up is the Beauty People - Fix Pearl Pigment Pact in Ssum Light. This pigment pact helps to brighten the upper and under eye area using pearl pigment. 

This skin tone base colour gives the girlish and shiny look around the eyes making the eyes pop and look bigger. 

You can also apply on the inner corner of the eyes and lower lash lines to brighten up the eye area too. 

Be careful when applying the pigment pact on the eye area. Try to use fingers (if you are comfortable with it) or you can choose to use a brush. This pigment from Fix Pearl Pigment Pact is easy to be picked up and spreads evenly on the eyes. 

Next up is to contour and highlight on the face. Using Eco Soul Contour Palette from The Saem, this is another contour palette that I love. It is a shading palette that reduces desired areas to create contoured face.

The Saem Eco Soul Contour Palette
This Eco Soul Contour Palette consists of 3-step contour design which is used to shade the jawline, hollows of the cheek, highlight nose bridge and cheekbones. Everything becomes so convenient because you can have everything in one palette. The highlighter and 3 contour colours can be used to enhance facial features naturally. It is also easy for the beginners to create more definition on the face with this palette. 

The swatches of The Saem Eco Contour Palette
Since I am more on the fairer skin tone, the contour shades are suitable for me. They are not too dark for my skin tone and it creates a natural shadow on the face. The texture of each shade is somewhat powdery and less fallout upon watching. However, we need to build the colour a few times to get the desired shade we want for our contouring.

Contour the jawline with  The Saem Eco Soul Contour Palette
Contour the nose with the contour shade
You can also use the highlight on the palette to highlight the cupid bow and cheek bones to create a deep pout and sharper and more defined look.

The palette is also easier to carry around for travelling or just put it in the handbag for everyday use since the size is slightly bigger than the palm only.

To apply blusher on the apples of the cheeks, Aritaum Sugarball Velvet Blusher is one of the awesome product I have tried. This shade of Peach Crush has a smooth and velvet finish which leave the skin leaving matte on the cheeks all day long. 

Aritaum Sugarball Velvet Blusher
It uses a soft-tinted powder, which minimizes fall out and enhances pigmentation and keeping the color to remain vibrant all day.

With one swipe, the pigment of the blusher picks up on the brush easily and the colour looks pretty and natural on the apple of the cheeks too. 

Using a sebum absorbing powder, the product controls excess production of sebum and prevents colour from coming off. This allows colour to remain radiant throughout the day. 

To create bigger looking eyes, use the natural fake eyelash from Etude House. Fake eyelashes are used to enhance the fullness and thickness of natural eyelashes making your eyes and making your eyes pop. 

Since I seldom put fake eyelash, I think this My Beauty Tool Eyelash in Longlash is suitable for me as it is natural on my eyes and at the same time, it makes my eyes look bigger than usual. 

My Beauty Tool Eyelash in Longlash

Since the lashes comes in longer size than usual, you will need to cut it according to the shape and length of the eyes. 

Before and After
Another product from the box that I love. This Babyface Creamy Lip Liner from It's Skin helps to create a vibrant pigmentation and defines the lips. 

It's Skin Babyface Creamy Lip Liner
This soft and creamy liner does not dry out my lips and the shade of Coral Peach makes my lips look brighter and vibrant. I don't usually use vibrant colour but I find that this shade looks good on my lips. 

It is also easy to line the lips with the Lip Liner since it's creamy. It is transfer-proof lip liner as this lip liner is also used to create gradation effect with the lip brush attached on the opposite end. I like the fact that it also comes with a lip brush on the other end. I can soften the line I have drawn on the lips or even lighten it out to create a gradient effect.

After lining the lips with liner, put on a;t Fox Lip and Cheek Designer Pencil in Lose Beige to create fuller lips. This Lip and Cheek Designer Pencil has dual function which can be used on lips and cheeks. 

What I would do is to apply a layer of lip balm before applying lipstick on my lips since I have chapped lips most of the time. To my surprise, it does not dry my lips and has matte finish. I like the colour and the texture as well as it looks natural and girlish on me. *winkz*

It can be used on the cheeks as well. This pencil is suitable for travelling especially you want to travel light. You will not need to bring another blusher and lip pencil since this pencil has 2-in-1 function. 

Here are the photos with the complete look using the Makeup Magic Box from Althea. Overall, I am happy with the products used on the face. I finally put up my makeup skills to good use. It looks natural overall but I noticed that my eyes becomes bigger and brighter with the pigment pact from Beauty People. The contour palette doesn't seem to look obvious in the photos but I can see it with my own eyes that my jawlines are more defined and sharper than before. 

My complete look (=
For the fake eyelashes, this is one of the comfortable eyelashes I have ever worn or tried. I don't like certain eyelashes that caused discomfort on my eyes upon sticking them on my natural eyelashes. I can definitely see that eyelashes are getting longer and most importantly it looks natural on my eyes. I do not like dramatic fake eyelashes personally because I will look super weird in it. It feels like having a bunch of hair sticking on my lashes while blinking, it does feel like my vision is been blocked by the lashes. So I think this lashes from Etude House is one of my personal favourite. 

As for the lips, I am super in love with the liner and the lip pencil as well. It somehow complements each other even though they are of two different shades. It helps to define my lips and lips become fuller with the liner and the lip pencil. The texture otherwise is somewhat matte and it does not leave my lips dry like other lip pencil I have. 

What do you think of my look? (=

Makeup Magic Box is sold at RM123. For more details, check out their website @ http://my.althea.kr/trendy-box-makeup-magic-box.

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