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I have been a huge fan of Kat Von D products ever since it was launched in Sephora Malaysia last year. I could still remember I was aiming for their Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Double Dare and it was sold out pretty quick when it was first launched on Sephora website. Now I am glad that most of the Kat Von D items that I wanted are available on Sephora, I have happy to try and review them. 

Today I would like to review these items from Kat Von D that I had gotten from the Sephora website - Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette, Lock-it Setting Powder and Tattoo Liner. I will also include a review of Everlasting Liquid Lipstick which I have bought them separately. 

Kat Von D products

Let me start off with the Lock-It Setting Powder which I have been longing to try ever since it was launched. I have personally tested it in the Sephora website and I am liking it. So happened that my setting powder that I am currently using has just finished, I have decided to purchase this and try it out. I have been hearing good reviews about this product and I am happy to own one now. (=

Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder - RM160 (19g) 
For a price of a setting powder, I think it's rather on the high side but this translucent powder is more than amazing. It helps to set the foundation and leaving smooth and matte finish on my skin. I do not have to apply much like others as it adheres to the skin pretty well.

This Lock-It Setting Powder uses delicate mica powders which are lightweight. This Lock-It Setting powder has a complexion-boosting blend of mattifying particles to smooth imperfections and lock-in the look for a velvety matte finish.

I like how it prevents the dry, chalky finish most powders leave behind and it is suitable to be used for baking my face too. It leaves the under eye smooth and creaseless finish. Remember to wait for a couple of minutes before dusting it off with the brush for a soft-matte under eye that stays good throughout the day. It also has the Micro-Blurring Technology which softly diffuses pores for a refined, selfie-ready finish. 

Getting ready for eyeshadow application after the powder application 
Next up would be the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette. It is an eye contouring palette with 3 colour quads in Neutral, Cool and Warm shades to flatter every skin tone.This palette empowers you to create your ideal eye shape - for the ultimate definition, lift or balance by transforming your eyes through the art of contouring. 

Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette 
This palette comes with a step-by-step card on how to use this palette too. Featuring an array of 12 Shade + Light eyeshadows, masterfully arranged into 3 unique quads - each with a BASE, CONTOUR, DEFINE and HIGHLIGHT shade in neutral, cool and warm hues - so that no matter your eye shape or skin tone, you can effortlessly achieve any eye look you desire. It also comes with step-by-step card on how to create those gorgeous looks with this palette wisely and effortlessly. 

Each quad has BASE, CONTOUR, DEFINE and HIGHLIGHT section
Original price of this palette was RM250 and I was lucky that I got it at RM120 per palette. I have been aiming for this palette for awhile now and luckily that I managed to get it at such an affordable price. *winkz*  

I have created three looks - Define Eyes look, Lift Eyes look and Balance Eyes look in Natural. Here are the step by step on how to create the Define Eyes look in Natural:

1. Sweep BASE all over eyelid and blend.

2. Add HIGHLIGHT to the inner lid and brow bone

3. Create depth by adding CONTOUR to the crease area and along lower lash line and blend.

4. For natural definition, use a small smudge brush ad softly apply DEFINE to upper and lower lashlines along the entire perimeter and blend. 

If you opted for Lifted Eyes effect, repeat step 1 - 3 and followed by patting on the DEFINE shadow along upper lash line and lightly along lower lash line with a smudge brush, turning slightly upward at the outer corners for a lifted effect.

As for the Balance Eyes look, repeat step 1 - 3 and followed by concentrating on the DEFINE shadow on outer corners of upper and lower lash lines for definition, making sure to extend your eye shape horizontally. Finish off the look by applying eyeliner and a matte liquid lipstick. I am using both eyeliner and lip product from Kat Von D. 

Finished look for Define Eyes effect
The eyeshadows are matte and somewhat pigmented to my surprise. It picks up the pigment on the brush easily with one swipe and the colours are build-able. The shades on the other hand are easy to mix and match with any quads on the palette and you can choose to wear it daily or for dinner as well. 

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bow n Arrow for Define Eyes look 
Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Double Dare for Lifted Eyes look
Besides that, to create more depth on the eyes, try placing the deeper shades where you want to see the most lift and use the lighter shades to soften and diffuse. To complete the neutral eye design, add a soft tone in your brows from the palette for added volume and fullness. You can also opt to use shades from the color quad that best complements your skin tone for a natural look, or use shadows from another quad to create more subtle or dramatic looks.

For a warmer tone look
I have created 3 looks with Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette. Which one is your favourite?

Created 3 looks with Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette. Which one is your favourite? 
Next up would be adding my favourite eyeliner, Tattoo Liner after the eyeshadow. This Tattoo Liner from Kat Von D is a high-pigment, waterproof liner that stays put all day for a fade-, melt-, crack- and run-resistant finish. The superfine and flexible tip glides across the lash line for fluid application, allowing you to create a variety of looks with ease. 

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper Black - RM99
When I first bought my Lolita and Bow n Arrow from the website, I received the mini best-selling product Tattoo Liner for free. I tried it on my eyes and fell in love with it immediately after using it. 

Every now and then, I have been using the Tattoo Liner in Trooper Black and stuck with it for months. It is a waterproof liner which is definitely on the advantage side. I always rub my eyes especially when I put on my contact lens since I have super dry eyes and this Tattoo Liner never fail to impress me. You can use less pressure to create a fine line and more pressure for thicker line. You can also layer the liner until you achieve desired definition.

What I like about this Tattoo Liner is whenever I rub my eyes, it never smudge at all as compared with other eyeliners I have tried so far. So I added another one into my collection so that I can use it immediately if the current one runs out in future. 

As for the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, I bought it separately and did not have the time to do a proper review of it. So I have decided to include the review of the Liquid Lipstick along with the other Kat Von D products since I plan to do a one makeup brand review. 

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bow n Arrow and Double Dare - RM99
I could still remember I was in Singapore back then and I was searching for the Double Dare but it was sold out too. A few weeks later, my sister came back and surprised me with my favourite shade, Double Dare. Yay!! Ever since then, I have been adding another two shades of Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in my collection - Lolita and Bow n Arrow

It is by far one of the best liquid lipstick I have ever tried. I have chapped lips and any lipsticks I have so far makes my lips cracked super bad that I have decided to stop applying liquid lipstick at one point. This liquid lipstick from Kat Von D does not make my lips dry and cracked after applying. The texture becomes smooth and it feels light on my lips as if I do not apply any liquid lipstick on my lips. On the other hand, it dries up pretty fast and the colour is build-able too. 

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bow n Arrow
Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Double Dare
Overall I am satisfied with the products which I had gotten from Sephora website. The products are rather expensive but I think it's worth the price I have paid. Anyway, I can't wait to add more of their products in my collection. 

Created the look with the Kat Von D products.
Hope you enjoyed reading my review on Kat Von D products. Remember to shop your favourite Kat Von D products here

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