[Beauty Review] Natural Smokey Look with 1028 Visual Therapy ❤

Another new product I have encountered while I was in Watsons a few months back. Then I happened to see the Butterfly Project had a collaboration with 1028 Visual Therapy Malaysia and I have decided to give it a try. 

I wanted to try out the products since these products are from Taiwan and their target age is between 20 to 35 years old. I am honoured to be part of the collaboration to review these products that I have selected. 1028 Visual Therapy is a skincare cosmetics that cares your skin while you put cosmetics on the skin. 

Products from 1028 Visual Therapy

A short introduction on the brand:
  • 1028 is an inspiring date of the brand 
    • Discovering various beautiful face of every girl
  • 1028 is a customized, high-fashion makeup brand for Asian
    • Caring customer insides to design and develop products for Asian skin and contour
  • 1028 is expressing people who you are
    • Girls find their confident self back by 1028 Visual Therapy

Let me start off with 1028 Moisture Infusion CC Essence Cream SPF 30 PA++. This essence cream comes in two shades - 01 Light Beige and 02 Natural Beige. It contains Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide that provides deep hydration while locking moisture within the skin and SPF 30 PA++. 

1028 Moisture Infusion CC Essence Cream SPF 30 PA++

It is an ultra lightweight cream which provides incredible coverage while instantly corrects the skin. It can be use individually or under the foundation. I choose to use it individually. I noticed that dark eye circle cannot be covered completely with this Essence Cream when I use it individually. What I did was to add another layer of the cream to conceal it correctly. 

This essence cream can be applied using fingers or beauty sponge. For eyes area, normally i would choose to use fingers to warm up the cream around the area and lightly pat it on the skin before touching up with the beauty sponge. 

My skin becomes smoother and flawless instantly. I love it does not look cakey on my skin despite my skin is rather on the dry side. The only drawback of this Essence Cream is that, it only comes in 2 shades which has lesser options to suit Asian skin tone.

Moving on to the next product which is 1028 Ultimate - Control Powder. 1028 revolutionary creation of ultimate non-drying oil control with a double matte finish. After using the essence cream,  apply to face with a puff in light strokes and focus on oily areas to mattify the skin. 

1028 Ultimate - Control Powder
This control powder comes in handy as its size is smaller than the palm. It is easier to carry around for travelling too. 

Its mineral based content provides long wearing colour that will not darken, transforming excess oil into a natural glow while minimising the appearance of pores.

Skin looks instantly matte and poreless after using the powder. I love the smooth texture on the skin. 

Next is to draw eyebrow using Longwear Eyebrow DefinerThe customized groomer helps seamlessly blending for a natural brow look. 

Longwear Eyebrow Definer
This is a unique eyebrow pencil which comes with a sharpener as well. I find it convenient as I do not have to bring another sharpener along to sharpen the eyebrow pencil. This Eyebrow Definer comes in 2 shades - 01 Light and 02 Dark Brown.

The texture is smooth and it is easier to glide on the skin with one application. With the rhombus-tip pencil, it allows you the perfect control to create the desired eyebrow shape. The colour on the other hand is rather dark to my liking and I soften the colour by using the spiral brush to achieve perfect-looking brow. 

Proceed to the next step - eyeshadow application after the eyebrow. I used the Mont Blanc Eyeshadow Kit consists of 6 earth tone shades to create an elegant and charming look. 

This is another palette that I love especially the earth tone shades. It can be worn daily for work or casual outing. 

The swatches of the 6 shades
To create the natural smokey eye look, I started off with the base colour all over my eyelid and on the brow bone too to brighten up the area. 

Followed by the second lighter shade and apply on the inner corner of the eyes and blend it out. 

Use the lighter shade of brown and sweep it across the outer eyelid and around the crease. Use a blending brush to blend them well to soften the lines between both of the shades. 

Finally use the darker shade of brown and sweep across the crease area to create more definition on the eyes.

You can apply the same shade of eyeshadow and apply on the lower lash line. 

My natural smokey eye look (=
Next, apply Miracle Extension Mascara on the lashes. It has miracle breakthrough technology that endlessly extends your lashes to infinity. It contains soybean extract and hydrating factor-Trehalose for moisturizing and strengthening eyelashes. 

Miracle Extension Mascara
I don't put mascara nowadays because I always rub my eyes and the mascara I have used normally will smudge. However when I applied this on, it does not smudge and it does cause allergic reaction to my eyes since certain mascara makes my eyes feel itchy. 

I can just remove the mascara using warm water. The lashes becomes long immediately after using the mascara.

To make your eyes pop, draw the eyes with the Infinity Longwear Black Eyeliner. It comes in 2 colours and the one I have is the black eyeliner.

Infinity Longwear Black Eyeliner 
This eyeliner is a unique formula contains high pigments can easily creates an intense black line with just one stroke. With the thin tip, it allows the precise application and create the winged line effortlessly. 

The innovative super-hold formulation also gives smudge-proof, tear-proof eyeliner all day long

Finish off the natural smokey eyes with a red lipstick to create a more seductive look. This is final look using the Mont Blanc Eyeshadow Kit. What do you think?

You can use the shadows from Mont Blanc Eyeshadow Kit to contour and highlight your face too. 

Final look (=
This is my final look using all the 1028 Visual Therapy products. What do you think? My personal favourite would be the Mont Blanc Eyeshadow Kit. I love the compact packaging as I can put it in my handbag and touch my face up whenever I need to. 

1028 Visual Therapy is now available in Watsons Malaysia. For more details, check them out at http://www.facebook.com/1028MY. Thank you Butterfly Project and 1028 Malaysia for the opportunity! xoxo 

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