[Beauty Review] 1 Month After Using Zephyrine Products ❤

Remember I shared about this Zephyrine, the Taiwanese skincare a month ago? You may check out the link here: https://www.janiceyeap.com/2018/09/zephyrine-placenta-extract-repairing-mask.html. Today I am going to share with you my thoughts on these products from Zephyrine after 1 month. 

Results after using it for a month (= 

Overall, I am satisfied with the products. My favourite product would be the Zephyrine White Truffle Repairing Cream apart from their Placenta Extract Repairing Mask and Rose Essence Treatment Lotion. I love how it feels super comfortable on my skin and it does not make my skin feel sticky after using it. The instruction on the jar stated it is normally used on day time which I think it would be great to be used on day and night time because I love their lightweight texture and moisturising effect.

Other than that, I love how the cream can work well with my makeup base and foundation. My foundation and makeup base adhere pretty well to my skin with the help of the White Truffle Repairing Cream.

As for the mask, I enjoy using it as it is not sticky to the skin after removing the mask. I do not have to worry that my face feels sticky after the mask. Most masks I have tried tend to make my skin feeling sticky which I would normally advise them to use during night time instead.  However, I am comfortable with this Placenta Extract Repairing Mask when I am using it during the day time. In fact, it helps to soothe my post-laser skin. I wish that they could make a packaging of 5 pieces in a box instead of 3 so that I can use it very often. *winkz*

Anyway, I did a short video on how to use this Placenta Extract Repairing Mask. (= Let me know what do you think of the video ok? 

The Rose Essence Treatment Lotion on the other hand has the fragrant rose scent which I would not missed using it at all. In fact I have been using it as a SOS mask almost every day and night that I actually finished the whole bottle of treatment lotion in less than a month. I hope that they can actually make a bigger bottle of treatment lotion because I love how it hydrates my skin every day and night. Now that I have finished the bottle, I am going to purchase another bottle from the website.

My empty bottle of Rose Essence Treatment Lotion. 

Here's to a brighter, softer and smoother skin with Zephyrine (= 

To those who wish to try these products, you can get it www.zephyrine.com.my. There are many good deals on their website now, so hurry up and check them out alright? You do not want to miss such good deals! 

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