Day 1 - KLIA

“I’m feeling so excited now. Cant wait to meet Stitch later.”

“Yeah yeah. Me too. Wondering what are we gonna do later on?”

“No idea. Maybe welcome Stitch? Or manage the crowd?”

“Let us see what will our bosses assign us to do.”

Yeah! It was my first time working as an event crew. This event wasnt a small one. An event about Stitch coming to Malaysia to promote his new series airing on Astro Disney Channel in December. I couldn't wait to see myself on television. teehee. =)

Reached at KLIA airport before 9am. None of us really know what were we suppose to do in KLIA. We were waiting for the arrival of our another boss from Hong Kong. While waiting for the flight's arrival, we completed our tasks quickly. Sad to say, we went to KLIA to work not to board a flight.

Stitch is cute. A photo of him was taken. =)

Later on, we packed our stuffs and while waiting for orders from our bosses, we snapped photos. =p

the crews working on that day

trying to pose like Stitch but failed. Zzz

Stitch's briefcase. XD

posing with a trolley of goods and not luggage bags. =(

my favourite car. =D

we're leaving (as if). lol

walked to the carpark.

my watch and the pass. =)

Returned home. Feeling tired after the job. We reached home about 5 something. The next venue would be in Hilton Kuala Lumpur.

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