Short Break =)

Sorry for the late post. I was busy working for the past one week. This time i shall blog my outing on two weeks ago. We planned to watch movie after for quite sometimes. We hope to catch up the movie '2012' very badly. There's always something to block our intention to do so. Either the time we planned to watch was fully booked or the seats were too close to the screen. hmm.

But this time we had the opportunity to watch it. We gotta wait for the time to pass since we went there quite early. So we spent most our time taking photos in Pavilion while waiting. =D

Christmas is coming soon. This time i wont be able to go to Singapore to celebrate my Christmas there due to certain reasons. Sob. =( I was wondering how is the Christmas decoration over there. I miss those times we went shopping in Singapore. hmm

♥ So guys, let me show you the photos we had taken in Pavilion ♥

After watching movie, we had dinner at Jalan Alor. OMG! There were too many stalls out there. Didnt have the idea of what to eat.

Finally i chose to eat fried vermicelli in the end.

Movie of the day.

It's fabulous. I'm satisfied with the story line. However i will appreciate what i have for now. Time waits for no man.

✻ Sorry to turn you down ✻
✻ Practically i had just completed another job as an event crew✻
✻ Currently doing another part time job at home. Lack of stickers now. =( ✻
✻ Shall blog about my job next time. Wait for me!! ✻



  1. wow.. the deco is really nice!
    how i wish i can see them personally! =D

  2. I like the deco and I'll go there this weekend :)

    Pass by from Innit :) Have a nice day!

  3. ken wooi: u can do so if u want.

    Baby mocha: Thanks. :D


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