This is what im thinking of right now.
Yes. Im hungry. =(

Oh yes! Im in KL now.
Unwilling to come back actually.
But this is the best solution i can make.

Anyway, thanks to all the uncles for the delicious delicacies in Ipoh.
Special thanks to Uncle and Aunt Michael for the beautiful souvenirs.
I ❤ it!

Oops. Before that, I was in Ipoh.
Reached KL in 1hour+++'s time.
Uncle's Renault is super fast on the highway. *thumbs up*
Meaning that im 'paralysed' now.
(I dont have car to be exact. =p)

However, i will be in KL for a week
im waiting for my parents to pick me up this coming weekend.
Just cant wait to go back home again.
More plans are coming. teehee

How i wish this miserable week will end very soon. =(
Tomorrow i shall go for movie marathon alone if i'm able to accomplish my tasks.
Sister's fault. Doesnt want to accompany me here. *sobbing*
So, wish me luck! XD

✳ Looking forward to this weekend.
✳ Big event is coming! ❤❤❤



  1. eh eh...blame me la now?? lol...i wanna watch that show u cant stop me~~ haha

  2. lol. u can watch it here too. but with stupid connection only. haha. im too lazy to walk. sigh. lazy to go for movie marathon tho i noe u wont let me go. =p


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