Sky Bar =)

Gosh! It's been awhile since i blog.
Wonder hows the world of blogging nowadays.
Been hiding myself these few days and
finally i get the opportunity to blog today!

Well, i was pretty busy doing things assigning by my parents.
Sorry nic! I had promised you to decorate your church and
in the end i didnt turn up.

Today i wouldnt spend my time typing boring stuffs.
Let me shared with you guys the last gathering i had with my dear friends. ❤

Last week, Pei Wen, Pauline and i had small gathering in Sky Bar at Flemington Hotel near my house.
Supposedly, Wei Wen and Ling Ling should be there too but too bad they were too busy to meet us up. =(
Without wasting time, let me shared the photos i had taken with you guys. ♥♥


✻ Thanks for the small gathering babes✻
✻ More photos on facebook! ✻
✻ Sorry for the late post! =) ✻