Day 4 - Ikano Power Centre

Sorry for the late late post!

Next day, we worked in Ikano Power Centre. New place and new working environment. =) This time i helped my friends in game's stall. It's only 1o am in the morning and the place was full of crowd. I was afraid that my friend couldnt manage the crowd therefore i helped her. =D

These were the photos we had taken. =)


Sien's tattoo



my sleepy eyes. =/

cute plush toys. :D

the crowd early in the morning.

the cute lil girl was playing games.

Steven and Sien

Azura and her bf

Xmas deco in Ikano

The group photo

That night we celebrated Draven's birthday too. We enjoyed that night. We had to go back right after the event ended. We would be working in Tropicana Mall the following day. ❤❤

✻ had breakfast with my dearest meow ♥♥ ✻
✻ enjoyed my short vacation with family ✻



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