Day 3 - Sunway Pyramid

We had rehearsal the night before we worked here. We had to start working at 9am. Therefore we started our journey early since our place is rather far from Sunway Pyramid.

Our event would be held at orange atrium. We unpacked all the plush toys to be displayed later. Carpets were cleaned for the kids and guardians to be seated when the agenda started.

the unpacked plush toys.

I was freaking nervous when the first agenda of the day started. I afraid i couldn't do well. Yeah! I wasnt too playful during the agenda started. My boss reminded me. hmm.

Stall games were ready at 10 am. All the kids were allowed to play and gifts were given to them if they won. =)

Check out these photos. P/s: Lazy wanna elaborate. =p

Crowd gathered at the games' stalls

one of the games for the whole event. =)

Sorry! I'm not the person-in-charge of the game. Photo was taken for fun. teehee

22 inches plush toy. *drool*

taken with Stitch before given to the winners. =)

Jensen was trying to rape him. Uh oh! =p

with Huei

with the plush toys.

one more shot! =)

Lee and Huei

Steven and Jensen

Kevin's fave pose. =p

the stage

Stitch would appear on stage at 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm in a day. Free admissions to the kids and guardians. However, registration would be needed in order to get free passes. =)
Here's the photos of Stitch with a boy dancing on stage at the end of the day. ❤

with Azura, the host

Bye Bye, Stitch! ❤

✳ Almost fainted just now. Lacked of glucose.✳
✳ Going back tomorrow ✳
✳ Will be leaving my blog for few days ✳
✳ Will be in KL on this Friday again! But this time with family. =D ✳



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