Day 2 - Hilton KL

I'm back with the post regarding my job as event crew! My second day working as a crew was pretty COOL! All the GRPs which stands for Guest Relation Personalities worked in Hilton Kuala Lumpur. Pretty cool right?!!? My first time entering the hotel. =D

Not only that, we also got the opportunity to try the buffet that was served mainly for the guests who came that day. We're lucky! teehee. =D The cuisine wasnt that bad. Obviously, this is what a 5-star hotel should serve for the guests right? =p

Anyway, check out the photos that were taken on that day. ♥♥

in the toilet. :D

the registration counter

the ballroom that was decorated for the press conference and the hi-tea party

cute cutout of Stitich

the lamps

posing with Stitch as the door gifts

another cute cutout :D

with Huei


posters with the view outside the hotel

the GRPs.

Later on, Stitch appeared on the stage and kids were allowed to take photos with him. We were told to usher the kids and manage the crowd.

After the event was over, we had our tea time in the ballroom after we cleaned up the whole place.

✳ Completed my task. Hooray! ✳
✳ No more movie marathon. Wanna save the money to watch with friends in hometown. =D ✳
✳ Changes of plan again =)✳
✳ Happy birthday cousin!! ♥♥ ✳