The End

It will end soon. 
Yup. My semester break is gonna end soon.
I don't wish to go back to KL and stuck in jam as usual.

Looking over parking spaces early in the morning.
How i wish i can get a parking space through ballot in university this coming semester.

I don't wish to go back and look at the 4 corners of my room.
Facing the books alone.
Yea. I admit I hate to be alone.
But this is what I can do.

And I promised myself not to break my new year resolution this time.
I will not hate studying as i love to study. =p
Instead i hate the hectic university life as usual.
Busy with assignments and lab reports again. Haih

I don't wish to rot at home now.
Suddenly I feel there are innumerable things for me to do.
But I can't figure them out. =(

I'm going back next tues.
Say goodbye to my comfy bed and couch!
I can't be slothful from tomorrow onwards.


P/s: Bad hair day yesterday. Tripped and fell down. Hate the bruises on my leg.
Hate the rashes on my body too. Grrr.

My cute sis. ehe. =D