Jubilant Day

My main purpose to go to Sungei Wang yesterday was to watch my favourite artistes and not shopping. We had no intention to go actually. And thank god i had my sis joining me. Seriously it was my first time waiting for artistes. To be exact, i was waiting for the crews to decorate the stage. Fuh! Last minute work. hmm.

 I was glad that the place wasn't crowded with people. Initially i managed to stand right in front of the stage but i didnt. This is because i can't speak proper Mandarin. So no point of me standing in front without understanding what the hosts were talking about.

Anyway I just went there to spot my favourite Jeffrey. =D Oh gosh! He is ADORABLE!
I just  the way he smiles.

At the end of the event, we managed to take photos with all the artistes. But i only managed to take with Zyon and Jeffrey. More than enough. I bet you guys can feel i'm drooling over there. HEHE! =D

The hosts of the day =D

Distributing the mandarins

Close-up of Jeffrey =D

With Zyon. The one on the left is rather blur.

Initially i was standing beside Zyon to take a photo with him. But someone blocked my camera. He willing to wait for me and we took quite a number of photos since the photo on the left is rather blur. So sweet of him! Thanks ❤

With Jeffrey ❤❤

JEFFREY - He is undoubtedly cute. Many people were rushing to take photos with him as soon as he went down the stage. Thank god my sis and i had the chance to take with him. XD

Baby with Orange and Rickman

I just couldnt stand to see Rickman's face expression. hm. I love how Orange looks with her short hair. Thumbs up for Orange!

P/s: Went there with no regrets. =D Love them to the maximum.